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On brulanta.com we tried to answer those questions that many are inclined to ask in real life. Such things as diseases, discomfort, various unpleasant symptoms disturb millions of people every day, and, unfortunately, not always at hand there is a sensible specialist who is ready to help. Realizing the responsibility of working in such a complex and anxious direction as intimate medicine, we attracted professional doctors and consultants to write articles with answers to the most frequent questions.

On the site you will find detailed materials on the symptoms, diseases, diagnosis and proper treatment of the body. You can always ask questions arising in the course of reading the articles in the comments, the specialist will try to give a qualified answer. In the section of intimate life we ​​have collected materials that will be useful to anyone who wants to improve the quality of their lives. Here you will find fascinating online tests, answers to questions, swaying love and relationships, cognitive materials about the intimate life and all that is talked about only with close friends. Have a nice time on brulant.ru!

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