Abdominal pain after sex: What can you do?

Painful sensations after sex may relate to different factors. Some of them you may eliminate yourself (to change uncomfortable sex position), the others indicate that you should urgently visit a doctor. In any case, you should be aware of the basic reasons, why there is a lower abdominal pain after sex.
Young girls often face the problem of stomach pain after the first sexual intercourse. In the defloration (loss of virginity), the penis of a partner mechanically injures (tears) a virginal membrane.

It often causes painful sensations and bleeding during the intercourse or shortly after it. Painfulness remains for two more hours after sex and may repeat during further sexual intercourses. Nervous tension about the beginning of a sex life can also be one of the factors why there is a pain in the abdomen after the first sex. If after the first sex you noticed copious vaginal discharge with blood and you have fever, you should immediately seek for gynecologist attention.

lower abdominal pain

Abdomen pain after anal sex may be an individual response of the body or the sign of some pathology (ovarian cyst, ruptured follicle, appendagitis) in internal genital organs.

Pain related to rectum injury reflects to the lower abdomen.
If after sex a girl experiences lower abdomen pain, foul-smelling vaginal discharge and discomfort when urinating, both partners should be examined by an STD and skin specialist to detect or exclude sexually transmitted disease. Often psychological and emotional tension, stress, fatigue are among the provoking factors responsible for lower abdomen pain after sex.

You should seek an immediate medical attention, if you have lower abdomen pain after sex during pregnancy. Do not delay your visit to a doctor as this may be a sign of inflammation potentially leading to miscarriage and may damage a developing fetus. If abdominal pain after sex is very strong, it is better to call the ambulance.

We should also include to the list of the reasons why a strong abdominal pain occurs after sex vaginal injuries.

Too aggressive penetration of the penis leads to stretches and tears of vaginal walls.

Of there is a difference in the size of the penis and vagina, a sexual intercourse between the partners should be as delicate as possible and without any hurry.

Inflammation in female genitals is one more reason why a woman may have a strong abdomen pain after sex. If pain remains at rest and is accompanied by fever, you should suspect appendagitis or ovaritis.

Do not ignore any painful sensations after a sexual intercourse. It is reasonable to visit a doctor and find the reason why a lower abdominal pain occurs after sex.