Acne rash: symptoms and treatment

Acne or acne is called the inflammatory processes of the sebaceous glands, which appear as a result of their contamination, and accompanied by increased production of sebum. These education can occur in people of different age categories.

Acne rash is one of the most common skin diseases. In any of its forms, acne manifests itself in almost 80% of people, especially at the age of puberty, and they bring a huge number of problems to young men and girls. But also acne can occur in people over 25 years of age (most often observed in metabolic disorders). When pregnancy is observed because of hormonal failures in the female body.

The most common zones of eruption are the face, back and chest. It is worth noting that if an infection gets into the inflamed gland, it becomes an abscess. After healing of such pathological formation there can be a small scar. Treatment of acne is possible only under the supervision of doctors and cosmetologists.

Until full maturation, acne goes through several stages of growth. First, small irregularities appear on the skin — these are small sebaceous plugs. Then the fat contained in these plugs goes through the oxidation process and black spots appear on the faces of adolescents and adults.


Doctors divide rashes into two types (depending on the cause that provoked the appearance of acne):

  • acne manifested as a result of a violation of the body’s internal processes
  • acne, which is a reaction to an external stimulus.

The cause of the first group of acne is the hormonal changes in the body of adolescents. Heredity plays an important role. People in adulthood can also experience eruptions. In such cases, this is due to the presence of chronic diseases or infections. A separate case is to consider the occurrence of acne in women during pregnancy.

The second group appears when:

  1. Contact with skin of substances such as oils or greases. To provoke the manifestation of acne may be a means of which tar is present,
  2. Inefficient use of cosmetic products that contain various fats
  3. prolonged rubbing, pressure of clothes or linen on the skin, which causes clogging of the epidermis
  4. acceptance of steroids by athletes
  5. use of hormonal contraceptives by women
  6. stresses
  7. increased sweating
  8. acne can manifest itself as a side effect of taking some pharmaceutical preparations
  9. improper facial skin care


In addition to the usual type of acne, teenagers and adults can find globular acne. They are located deeper under the skin than normal. In this case, leaving pus outward is rather problematic, because of what the infection can spread to deeper-lying tissues. Such acne tends to merge with each other.

But the most common types of acne are:

  • Closed. They look like a white hump. A characteristic feature is that the plugs are not visible on the surface of the skin. Such acne is most often seen on the face;
  • open. They have a dark color, which makes the plugs inside the pores very visible. Many are confident that they acquire such a color because of a delay on the face of a particle of dust or dirt, but this is not so. Doctors explain this effect by skin pigmentation. The most common is acne on the back;
  • ulcer. Represents a complicated form of ordinary acne.

Acne rashes on the face or back do not have pronounced symptoms. The most common occurrence of acne in people of adolescence and in women during pregnancy. Most often affected areas of the forehead, nose and chin. Eels appear during puberty, as this is the time when the production of sebum increases. To promote the formation of acne may increase the amount in the body of the male sex hormone.

Acne inflammation, after full maturation, does not cause any complications. The only reminder of acne can be spots on the face or small scars. But this can be avoided if you seek help from cosmetologists who will carry out a professional procedure for cleaning the face or other areas. It is necessary to refrain from laser therapy during pregnancy.


Acne in teenagers is diagnosed by physical examination. Information about:

  1. way of life
  2. self-care skin
  3. a place in the life of diets and medications.

Blood test in most cases is not provided. But it is necessary to make it when specialists have a suspicion of a hormonal disorder in the body (not counted only during pregnancy).

In physical examination, the skin of the face, neck, shoulders, back and other areas with acne is examined. To do this, use special lighting and facilities to investigate a particular zone, in order to see in detail:

  • the total skin area affected by the rash
  • the depth of destruction;
  • Possible inflammatory processes
  • skin color changes.


Adolescent acne and acne treatment in women and men in adulthood consists in reducing the production of subcutaneous fat, removing dead skin cells and destroying bacteria using medical devices. In any case, the method of treatment depends on the severity of the disease and the area of ​​the inflamed skin.

Means and methods of treatment are prescribed depending on the severity of the rashes. There are 3 degrees:

  1. initial — closed or open acne, without inflammatory process. The amount in the affected area should not exceed ten elements;
  2. mean — diagnosed when there are up to 40 acne on the affected area
  3. heavy — there are more than 50 acne spots on the skin of the face, gride, or back. Often acne with a severe degree contains pus.

The easiest degree of rash is treated with cosmetics — creams, gels, ointments or lotions. People in their teens spend acne treatment under the supervision of their parents.

Medium and heavy form are treated not only by means for external use, but by taking medications inside. In some cases, antibiotics are used in the treatment, and hormones are responsible for hormonal disorders. Such therapy is carried out only under the supervision of doctors and cosmetologists.

Tips for treating acne during pregnancy, are aimed at general improvement of the skin condition. Women need:

  • drink plenty of liquids, but only non-carbonated beverages;
  • eat fresh fruit and vegetables
  • exclude mayonnaise from the diet.

There are folk remedies for getting rid of acne on the face, chest and back, but they practically do not have a positive effect. Only highly qualified doctors know how to get rid of acne. Women during pregnancy should not deal with acne treatment on their own. The use of any pharmaceutical and folk remedies must be agreed with their attending physician.

Surgical intervention is extremely rare. It is shown with a complicated form of acne, when the formation grows into a cyst. In general, the teenage rash is very treatable. In most cases, it is possible to achieve complete disappearance of inflammation, prevent the formation of new acne.


Means for preventing acne rash for adolescents, adult men, women (and during pregnancy) includes:

  1. Regular and gentle skin care
  2. use only high-quality cosmetics
  3. you need to monitor the quality of food used
  4. adhere to a healthy lifestyle
  5. exclude the impact of severe stress on the body
  6. minimize communication with unpleasant people
  7. monitor the hormonal background

  8. If you have any symptoms, seek help from a doctor.