Genital warts: symptoms and treatment

Genital warts are small formations that affect the organs of the reproductive system. Rarely, small nodules of flesh-colored color can form in the area of ​​the anus or on the oral mucosa. The outgrowths can be single or presented in large numbers. In the second case, they often merge with each other, completely hitting the site.

The most common cause of such small nodules is human papillomavirus. Often, infection occurs during sex with the carrier of the disease. In this case, even a condom is not able to protect against the penetration of the virus, because the size of the microorganism is so small that it passes through it without problems. Characteristic is that the person himself can for a long time not know about what is the carrier of the virus, because not all people express themselves frankly. Microorganisms can multiply and accumulate in cells with a decrease in the resistance of the immune system.

Infection is much less common through the sharing of bath accessories with a carrier. In addition, there is a possibility of intrauterine infection of the fetus during pregnancy, infection of the baby during childbirth.

Peaked condylomas in women and men appear several hours after infection, and are accompanied by symptoms such as burning and itching in the genital area. Their untimely treatment is dangerous because due to the influence of the papilloma the DNA of the cells starts to change, which in time can lead to oncology. But none of the methods of therapy is not able to completely rid the person of this virus.

Traumatizing condylomas entails the joining of the inflammatory process, the emergence of secretions from the genitals with fetid odor. Because genital warts refer to sexually transmitted diseases, they are diagnosed by venereologists, but often this ailment is treated by a gynecologist, and men are treated by a urologist. With condylomas of the anus, the proctologist. The main methods of treatment — exposure to laser, liquid nitrogen or surgical intervention (against the background of taking antiviral medications). Neoplasms of small size can be treated at home, but only after the appointment of the attending physician.


The penetration of the papilloma virus is often a sexual path, and the main cause of reproduction is weak immunity. Factors that increase the risk of acquiring ailment include:

  • previously transmitted by a man or woman, transmitted through sexual contact
  • frequent change of partners
  • Insufficiency of vitamins in the body, which causes a decrease in the protective function of the immune system
  • Pregnancy
  • vaginal dysbacteriosis
  • excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages and nicotine
  • severe hypothermia, or, conversely, a long time in the direct sunlight
  • a penchant for perverted sex, which entails the appearance of microtraumas of the genitals
  • persistent stress
  • Early age of first sexual relations.

In addition, there are a number of reasons that can lead to a decrease in immunity and, as a consequence, the progression of genital warts in men:

  1. hypodynamia
  2. a large amount of secret in the foreskin.


Depending on the state of immunity, there are several options for the progression of the disease:

  • self-healing — often observed when condylomata formed during pregnancy
  • absence of any dynamics for a long period of time;
  • rapid change in the volume and number of small nodules
  • transformation of neoplasms into oncology

Separation of genital warts depending on the degree of risk of progression of cancer:

  1. non-oncogenic;
  2. low grade;
  3. the average probability of malignant neoplasm formation
  4. high risk of developing cancer.


Pointed condylomas of small size can not bring feelings of discomfort and are not accompanied by the manifestation of any symptoms. The expression of these or other signs is individual for each person. At the initial stages of development, the disease may not be manifested. The development of the disorder begins with the formation of a specific rash in the form of small nodules. Often genital warts in women are localized on such organs as labia, clitoris, cervix and vagina. Men have a bridle, a penis and a scrotum. Both sexes are characterized by the formation of formations in the region of the anus and in the mouth. Factors of extra-localization are anal or oral preferences in sex. The emergence of genital warts in women is accompanied by such symptoms:

  • a sense of discomfort at the site of the appearance of tumors
  • The feeling of an alien object in the perineum. This is due to the fact that condylomas, with their numerous occurrences, can merge into a single whole, thereby creating a diameter of up to six centimeters;
  • a constant sense of humidity in the area of ​​rashes
  • the manifestation of a persistent unpleasant odor in the area of ​​localization of the rash.

The rate of growth of condylomas during pregnancy is very high. In pregnant women, they can loosen, which in severe cases can lead to a rupture of the vagina. The emergence of this rash during childbearing very often leads to a cesarean section, because they interfere with the progress of the baby.

In men, condylomas are expressed by such symptoms:

  1. discomfort in the place of rash, which is worse when walking or exercising;
  2. minor pain in the lower abdomen;
  3. severe soreness during sex
  4. pain when urine is emitted
  5. blood admixtures in fecal masses — under condition of rash in the area of ​​the anus.

With severe disease, men and women experience symptoms such as general weakness and intoxication of the body, severe headaches, fever, chills.

To reduce the manifestation of certain symptoms can be done independently at home, but only after the appointment of a specialist. Women during pregnancy are undesirable use of folk remedies.


If untimely treatment for help and self-treatment at home, ailment can be the main factor for the progression of such consequences as:

  • inflammation and ulceration of tumors
  • Cervical erosion
  • Oncology of female and male genital organs

If the diagnosis of genital papillomas has been established by a woman during pregnancy, this can lead to infection of the baby during childbirth.


Explain what genital warts, diagnose and prescribe effective treatment can: in women — a gynecologist, for men — for a urologist, for both sexes — a venereologist. The basis of diagnostic activities is a clinical examination. In addition, the treating physician should find out the first time of symptoms and their intensity, as well as find out the causes of this illness. A more detailed picture of the disorder will be given by laboratory and hardware studies. To determine the presence of papillomas and their number, scraping is performed from the affected areas (by means of a diagnostic PCP).

Diagnostic measures of genital warts in women and men consist of:

  1. colposcopy — examination of the female organs of the reproductive system under magnification, using a special instrument
  2. Extended colposcopy — the vaginal walls are additionally treated with acetic acid solution
  3. biopsies — collection of condyloma particles for subsequent laboratory tests
  4. gynecological smear;
  5. anoscopy — an inspection of the anus;
  6. PCR diagnosis for the presence of sexually transmitted diseases.

Sometimes you may need additional consultations of a dermatologist, venereologist, proctologist and obstetrician-gynecologist (when a woman is a woman during pregnancy). After receiving all test results, an individual treatment strategy for each patient is assigned.


Depending on the site of localization and the size of genital warts, there are several methods for their elimination. The most common surgical intervention — neoplasms are cut with a scalpel. But this entails a long period of recovery. Currently, painless ways to remove genital warts have been developed:

  • the action of liquid nitrogen — the rashes are simply frozen, why the nodules fall off. Healing after this method of treatment comes in a few weeks;
  • elimination by electric current — due to the action of high temperatures, papillomas are cauterized
  • Laser therapy — evaporation of affected tissues
  • Radiophage — elimination of papillomas by the radio wave method
  • the introduction of special medicines, based on acid and alkali, which can eliminate the rash, burning them.

The complex treatment of genital warts includes the use of drugs — antiviral substances and healing ointments.

In addition, disease therapy can be carried out at home with the help of folk recipes. Such treatment should be used to strengthen the immune system and to heal postoperative wounds. Used decoctions, infusions and lotions on the basis of:

  1. celandine juice
  2. A freshly squeezed apple
  3. juniper and thuja;
  4. Kalanchoe
  5. burdock and lemon balm
  6. the root of eleven.

In addition, the use of iodine for the lubrication of condylomas is effective.

Remember that using these recipes at home is necessary in conjunction with other methods of treatment, and only after the appointment of a doctor. Women during pregnancy are recommended to abandon the use of folk remedies.


Prophylactic measures of genital warts for both sexes consist of observing uncomplicated rules:

  • respect a healthy lifestyle
  • HPV vaccination
  • exclude casual sexual relations
  • treat diseases that are sexually transmitted in a timely manner
  • Regularly visit an obstetrician-gynecologist during pregnancy.

In addition, women need at least twice a year to visit a gynecologist, and men — a urologist, for preventive examination of genital organs and diagnosis of any disorders in the early stages. It must be remembered that it is not necessary to attempt self-treatment at home without prescribing a doctor, as this may become a factor in the appearance of undesirable complications.