How to reduce or increase glans penis sensitivity?

From an early age, each man knows that glans penis is the most sensitivity part to sexual touches and  mechanical action (friction, pressure, traumas). It is the glans that gives the most pleasurable experience in sex. However, extremely sensitive glans penis brings more problems than pleasures to any man. Hypersensitivity significantly reduces the duration of a sexual intercourse due to premature ejaculation.

In some cases, this is not only a sexual problem; even the contact of the glans with underwear may cause pain and discomfort which negatively affects the quality of life of a man. Hypersensitivity of the penis glans is a common problem and various factors may be responsible for it. Sometimes a man can solve the problems himself, but in some cases he needs a medical assistance.


In some men penis glans hypersensitivity is congenital and only in rare cases this is an acquired condition. Among the main causes of the glans penis sensitivity are the following:

  • Puberty: in teenagers a high sex drive and very sensitive glans is a physiological condition. Hormonal modifications in their body can explain this condition. With age a man has an adequate reaction to the exciting factors and sexual touches;
  • Individual characteristics of glans penis innervation: hypersensitivity lasts through the entire reproductive period. Ejaculation always happens in a certain period of time after the stimulation. The use of special anesthetics or alcohol reduce the glans sensitivity;
  • Previous diseases: sometimes glans hypersensitivity is the result of balanoposthitis or phimosis;
  • Psychological factor: when a man is overwhelmed with the process or, on the other hand, he is afraid of a sexual failure, the head of the penis may become too sensitive and that leads to  a very rapid orgasm.

How to reduce glans sensitivity

penis sensitivity

Taking into account that this is a very wide-spread problem, there are a lot of ways to solve it. The choice of a therapy is very individual and it depends on the causes of the glans sensitivity. Currently, the following methods are used:

  1. The use of special products to use during sex;
  2. The use of medications;
  3. Special exercises;
  4. Surgery.

It is more reasonable to consult a medical specialist (sexual health specialist or andrologist) to decide how to reduce glans sensitivity.

However, if the problem is not caused by any organic or functional pathology, then a man can solve it himself. For example, adjuvant products and exercises are an ideal option to reduce glans sensitivity naturally.

Adjuvant glans sensitivity treatment

The main advantages of using such therapy are its easiness, availability and effectiveness. You can buy such products in any sex-shop, drug store or online shop. You can use:

  • Special condoms with a more dense texture and anesthetics;
  • Lubricants with anesthetics;
  • Sprays for making sex last longer;
  • Special creams and ointments.

The disadvantage of these products is that a man has to use them each time before sex and reduction of glans sensitivity does not last long.


The use of medications is a very effective method to reduce glans sensitivity without an operation. For the best effect, you should consult your doctor who will choose the most optimal medical treatment. It is strictly prohibited to use the medications without a medical consultation, relying on  the advice of your friends or relatives.

As the medications influencing the functions of the CNS are prescribed, the drug itself and the dosage should be chosen only by a doctor. Self-treatment may not be effective in reducing the glans sensitivity but can also lead to serious complications.

The main method to reduce the glans penis sensitivity with the help of the drugs involves the action of an active ingredient on the nerve conduction. Depending on the degree and the reasons of hypersensitivity, the following drugs may be prescribed:

  1. «Spasmolytin», «Papaverin» and other medications to block nervous impulses;
  2. If glans hypersensitivity is caused by psychological factors, a man is prescribed sedative medications and tranquilizers, if needed.

If you use any drug, it is important to have a regular medical examination to prevent side effects and drug addiction.

How to reduce glans sensitivity naturally

Your desire and patience will help you to reach good results without the use of any additional products. Regularity and consistency is the key to success:

  • Stop watching erotic movies or porno shortly before sex. It is recommended to avoid oral stimulation before sex. Try to satisfy your partner more;
  • Experiment with sexual foreplay, avoiding the intercourse. It will help you to feel your body better and to control your sensations. Reaching the orgasm, try to think about something neutral and gradually reduce the level of your arousal to delay the orgasm;
  • Delayed ejaculation: in this case, a man should be able to control his intimate muscles. You can learn it by interrupting and delaying urination. During sex or masturbation try to delay ejaculation as long as possible. You will notice that with time you can do it for a longer time;
  • Slower frictions during sex help to delay the orgasm, try to switch to the stimulation of the other erogenous zones.

How to increase glans sensitivity?

Another important problem is the lack of glans sensitivity. First of all, you need to find out the reasons before deciding how to increase glans penis sensitivity. The reasons are:

  1. Diseases accompanied by metabolic disorders. Diabetes contributes to the vessels damage which leads to the microcirculation disorder in the penis tissues and, consequently, to its reduced sensitivity;
  2. Damages in the genital innervation apparatus;
  3. Traumas of the glans penis;
  4. Cardiovascular disorders;
  5. Chronic stress, psychological disorders;
  6. Extremely rude sex;
  7. Alcohol abuse, smoking;
  8. Sedentary life style.

Men with low glans sensitivity often have complaints about the problems with erection, ejaculation and the lack of intensity of sensations during sex or masturbation. This usually is the reasons of a man’s bad mood and depression.

To increase glans sensitivity naturally is very simple and available for any man. Follow these rules:

  • Regular physical exercises: they improve general well-being of the cardiovascular system, prevent congestion and tissue hypoxia which is the cause of low glans sensitivity;
  • Proper water intake schedule: an adult man needs 30 ml for each 1 kg of his body weight;
  • Adjust your sexual behavior: use special lubricants during sex or masturbation, avoid too aggressive sex, too fast and intensive frictions;
  • Everyday intimate hygiene;
  •  Optimal choice of underwear: too tight and synthetic underwear has a negative effect on the penis;
  • Give up smoking and limit alcohol consumption. We advise not to drink alcohol at all before sex;
  • Mental harmony: eliminate all the irritating or worrying factors;
  • Prevent skin drying, moisture it – it is the key moment to restore sensitivity of the glans penis;
  • The use of special oils and creams to stimulate sensitivity.

If all these methods to increase the glans sensitivity naturally do not bring the expected effect, consult a specialist. A sexual health specialist or andrologist will help to identify the cause and choose the most optimal treatment.