How To Enlarge Penis Length?

For every man, since he is a teenager, his penis is his innermost part of the body. The attitude to the penis is always very serious and any joke about the male’s symbol of masculinity is considered an insult. So a size of the penis is especially relevant issue for men as there are virtually no men who would not like to make his penis bigger. There are a lot of methods how to enlarge the penis, however not all of them are effective and some are even dangerous for a man’s health.


One of the most popular ways are exercises for penis enlargement. There a great many of such exercises and a man may choose the most suitable exercises depending on its complexity and duration. Special exercises for penis enlargement are among the methods of natural penis enlargement techniques which is very convenient for working men.

Before starting doing exercises, get prepared:

  • Choose the place where no one will disturb you. Doing exercises for penis enlargement requires concentration;
  • Take a soft towel and soak it into warm water, squeeze the water out of the towel and wrap the penis for 3 minutes;
  • For better effect repeat the procedure 2 or 3 times.

Exercises for penis enlargement are aimed at its stretching and erection enhancement. Stretching techniques are done in when the penis is fully erect or flaccid. A man can choose the best method on the Internet or in special literature. Regularity is the key to the success. This is also the disadvantage of this way of penis enlargement as a man should always find the time for doing exercises.

Penis enlargement massage

One more way to enlarge the penis is massage. The effect is determined by the enhance microcirculation in the tissues:

  • As exercises, massage is natural penis enlargement method, so it is available for everyone;
  • You do not need any additional devices;
  • If you observe the instructions how to enlarge penis with massage, there is no risk of side effects;
  • Additionally to enlargement, sexual endurance and vigor is enhanced;
  • A man can choose the most effective method from a large variety of methods;
  • For the better result, a man can combine the massage and the use of penis enlargement cream.

The main disadvantage of this method is that it is time-consuming.

Creams and ointments

Recently, penis enlargement creams are very popular for making the penis bigger. A great variety of products suits all tastes and pocket. The penis is enlarged to due the impact of active ingredients of the cream on the tissues. Depending on the action mechanism there are three groups of the creams:

  • Short-acting penis enlargement creams. The effect lasts for several hours. Apply the cream shortly before a sexual intercourse. It is the most optimal way how to enlarge the penis quickly;
  • Long-acting penis enlargement creams. The effect is observed some time after a regular use. Producers promise their products increase the length and the diameter of the penis for a long time;
  • Auxiliary remedy for penis enlargement. The cream is usually used in combination with exercises, massage or other means for penis enlargement. It is not effective to use the cream as a self-sufficient remedy.

Read the leaflet carefully, before using any cream or ointment for penis enlargement. Redness or itchy penis may be the symptoms of allergy.

In this case, it is reasonable to stop using the product. The main advantage of this penis enlargement method is its cost. A really effective cream or ointment are sold in sex shops and have a high price. Cheaper products are not only ineffective but they pose health risks.

Vacuum pump for penis enlargement

Penis enlargement with the use of a vacuum pump is rather popular today. This device is also used  to treat erectile dysfunction and impotency. Vacuum pump for penis enlargement is an elliptical plastic cylinder with a pump for air injection. The mechanism of penis enlargement is the following:

  • Some auxiliary cream is applied on the penis;
  • Place the pump of the penis and pump the air out. You can adjust the pressure with a built-in air pressure indicator;
  • Under the inflated air pressure, the cavities of the cavernous bodies expand, the blood is drawn into the shaft and due to it the length and the diameter of the penis are increased.

The disadvantage of this penis enlargement method is that the effect does not last long. It is necessary to perform the procedure shortly before a sexual intercourse.

Penis enlargement with an extender

enlarge penis

One more way to enlarge the penis is the use of extenders. Their action mechanism depends on the weight resistance. The weight varies from 400 gram to 1100 gram. Length and diameter are increased as a compensatory reaction of the body to the weight impact. Extenders for penis enlargement are among the long-acting methods as their effect lasts for a long time. Using the extenders it is also possible to straighten a curved penis. To reach a positive effect, it is necessary to use the extender regularly and for a long time. There are several types of penile extenders:

  • Strap extenders;
  • Noose extenders;
  • Universal extenders.

Incorrect use of the penis enlargement extenders may cause foreskin traumas.

Surgical penis enlargement

The most effective way how to really enlarge the penis is surgical interference. Not every man can overcome his fear of the doctors, but if you made a decision, you will obtain good results. All the surgeries can be classified as follows:

  • Operations to increase the length of the penis;
  • Operations to increase the diameter.

Operations to increase the length of the penis is based on the dissection of the penis ligaments. A surgeon performs a Y-surgery or vertical cuts. This method can add 4 cm to the length of the penis. After an operation, a penis will have a more horizontal position during erection. The use of an extender may also be required after an operation.

Surgical way to increase the diameter of the penis is a more common method. Adipose tissue of the patient (usually taken from the hip) is injected subcutaneously into the penis. Allografts are also used. What method to choose depends on the financial abilities of a patient and contraindications.

You can watch a video about the penis enlargement operation for better understanding of the process.

Before using any of the penis enlargement methods, make sure that is is really effective and is not dangerous for your health.