Why is the penis head itchy?

The glans penis is the part at the distal end of the penis. The urethra is located at the tip of the glans penis and ejaculation occurs through it. The glans penis is a very sensitive part of the penis. It contains a lot of nerve endings. That is why even minor irritations provoke a strong emotional reaction in any man. Those men who underwent the circumcision have less sensitive penis head than men with the foreskin. Due to such anatomical structure, uncircumcised men can feel itchy on his penis head.

Any man can have itchy penis head disregarding his health. This discomfort can be caused by several factors:

  • Improper personal hygiene. If a man does not take a shower regularly, a special substance smegma can accumulate in his preputial sheath which is an ideal environment for bacteria propagation. Smegma irritates the penis head and causes itching.
  • Synthetic underwear. If a man is circumcised, his penis head is always uncovered and synthetic material can cause irritation and itching. Consequently, the penis head becomes red and itchy. Besides, synthetic materials do not absorb sweat which causes itching.
  • Stress, depression and emotional shock can also be responsible for itchy penis head.

If a man has some other symptoms apart from the itching, only a urologist can say for sure why a man has itchy penis head. The doctor also excludes other pathologies of the male genitals.

What disorders cause itchy penis head?

If a man has itchy penis head for a long time and other unusual symptoms, he should immediately see a doctor.

The symptoms that can accompany itchy penis head:

  1. Glans penis redness;
  2. Rash on the glans penis which spreads to the whole body;
  3. Coating on the penis head;
  4. Pain in the groin region.

The combination of such symptoms can indicate some pathology of male reproductive system. These pathologies are divided into two groups:

  • Infectious;
  • Non-infectious.

Infectious diseases are very dangerous and can affect not only the reproductive system of a man but other organs as well. One of the most widespread viruses which causes itching is herpes. When herpes enters the body, the glans penis becomes red and itchy, blisters can occur and a man suffers burning and pain in the penis head. If a man noticed such symptoms, it is strictly prohibited to self-treat the disease.

Herpes is a dangerous virus and only a qualified medical specialist can choose the adequate treatment.

Itchy penis head can also be caused by the following conditions:

  • Candida fungus;
  • Ureaplasma;
  • Mycoplasma;
  • Gonorrhea;
  • Syphilis;
  • Tubercle Bacillus;
  • Staphylococcus;
  • Gardnerella.

Itchy penis head can also be a result of a bite of certain insects. A man can feel itchy on his penis head because of scabies, a contagious skin infestation by the mite Sarcoptes scabiei. Another insect causing such discomfort condition is a crab louse, a causative agent of pediculosis pubis. The insect  is found in pubic hair. Under certain conditions, lice bite the penis and its head causing itching. The lice are spread through sexual contact or basic personal hygiene items.

Non-infectious factors can also cause itching of the penis head. Most often the reason is an allergic reaction.

Itchy penis head as a symptom of an allergic reaction

In some cases, itchy penis head can indicate an allergic reaction. The allergy-causing agents are:

  1. Soap and other hygiene items;
  2. Material of underwear;
  3. Certain foods (most often, citruses and berries);
  4. Medications (particularly, those which are excreted by the kidneys through the urethra).

Sometimes, itchy penis head is a symptom of such allergic disease as contact dermatitis. If it affects the penis, it means that a man is wearing unsuitable underwear or using hygiene products that were not dermatologically tested. A man suffers itching and his penis is swollen and hyperemic. In the group of risk are men who already have allergies to certain foods or substances.

Allergy can also occur as a response to the action of infectious agents namely, to certain insects (Sarcoptes scabiei and crab lice) or to high or low temperatures.

Why is the penis head itchy after sex?

Many men feel itchy on their penis head after sex. Usually, it occurs in men who have an active sex life. In this case, both a man and a woman can be responsible for itchy penis head. Itching is a result of certain factors:

  • Unsafe sex. Sex without a condom poses a high risk of getting infected with sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Candidiasis. If a man has weakened immunity and his partner is infected with candidiasis, he can also get infected and the main symptom of the disease will be itchy penis head. This is also true for oral sex when a woman has oral candidiasis.
  • Too frequent intercourses. As the penis is in the vagina for a long time, a vaginal environment can cause irritation of the penis which leads to itching.
  • Masturbation. If a man masturbates and does not wash his hands, it can irritate the skin of the glans penis and cause itching.
  • Allergy to a condom or a lubricant.

How to get rid of itchiness on the penis head?

Before getting rid of the itching of the penis head, it is necessary to find out the reason. Additionally, a man should take a shower more frequently, do not use the soap and choose underwear from natural materials.

In any case, avoid self-treatment and consult a specialist who will detect the cause of your itchy penis head. Depending on the cause, a doctor will choose a therapy.

If itching is caused by allergy, the therapy includes the use of antihistamines to eliminate the allergic agent. If itching is caused by herpes, antiviral drugs are prescribed. The most effective drug is acyclovir. Broad-spectrum antibiotics are prescribed to treat itching caused by bacteria. When itching is relieved, physiotherapy can be indicated to maintain the result.

Cooperation of a urologist and an STD and skin specialist is important for effective treatment.

Prevention of itchy penis head

To avoid these unpleasant feelings, medical specialists recommend observing the following rules:

  1. Wash the glans penis 1-2 times a day;
  2. Avoid wearing synthetic underwear and choose natural materials;
  3. Avoid using the soap;
  4. Have your personal towel;
  5. Change your underwear every day;
  6. Do not delay your visit to a doctor if you suspect any disorders of the urogenital system;
  7. If you have allergies, avoid the contact with allergic agents;
  8. Before having sex with your partner, undergo a complete medical examination to exclude sexually transmitted diseases in both partners;
  9. Have safe sex.

Do not ignore such a symptom as itchy penis head and timely see a doctor. Avoid self-diagnosis and self-treatment then you can prevent the development of serious diseases of the urogenital system and complications.

Itching of the penis head is a skin reaction to negative factors and to prevent this symptom, it is necessary to exclude these factors.