Lack of cardia of the stomach: symptoms and treatment

Insufficiency of the cardia of the stomach is a pathological process that manifests itself in the form of insufficient closure of the sphincter (valve) between the esophagus and stomach. In medicine, this ailment is also called chalazia. The main function of the cardiac sphincter is to block the reverse exit of digested food from the stomach into the esophagus. This is dangerous with the formation of ulcers and burns on the surface of the mucosa. The most severe complication of cardiac insufficiency is malignant degeneration of epithelial cells.


Cardia deficiency develops in the human body for several reasons:

  • obesity;
  • Overeating;
  • violation of the optimal diet;
  • A bad habit is to eat a lot of food at night;
  • stomach diseases in chronic form — tumor formations, ulcers, gastritis or hypertension of muscles
  • reduced immunity;
  • grasping hernia
  • sedentary lifestyle
  • pyloric spasm (sphincter)
  • permanent exercise;
  • Previously transferred operations, during which the cardiac sphincter was removed according to the indications.

All these negative factors lead to the fact that the cardia of the stomach closes insufficiently, provokes the development of complications. Timely treatment of gastric cardia failure will make it possible to prevent the occurrence of dangerous pathologies in the future.


Gastric cardia deficiency occurs in the human body in 3 degrees:

  1. 1 degree. A distinctive feature is incomplete closure of the sphincter, in which the remaining space is not more than 1/3 of the diameter of the esophagus. In most clinical situations, the ailment manifests itself as a belching of the air, which can be repeated very often;
  2. Level 2. The remaining space is only half the diameter of the esophagus. There is an eructation of air, but other symptoms will also join it — discomfort in the area of ​​the stomach, prolapse of the mucous membrane
  3. Level 3 Insufficient cardia leads to an absolute opening of the sphincter. The functioning of the small and large intestine is not disturbed. Inflammation of the esophagus mucosa


Symptoms of cardia deficiency depend entirely on the stage of the disease (most pronounced they appear in 3 stages). Also in medicine, the common symptoms are clearly marked, which make it possible to diagnose this ailment in time:

  • weakness and dizziness — often manifested during active activity than at rest
  • Heartburn that occurs in a person regardless of the last meal. This symptom is one of the main for the diagnosis of pathology;
  • nausea and vomiting with an admixture of bile
  • Pain. Localization — behind the breastbone
  • burping air. It is often possible to throw the contents of the stomach. An important diagnostic symptom;
  • rumbling in the small and large intestines
  • epigastric pain.

Symptoms tend to increase.


Treatment of this disease is only complex. The first thing to do is to treat the disease, which triggered the development of cardia deficiency. If a person is overweight, then he needs to eat right or go on a diet.

The second step of treatment is to reduce pressure in the abdominal cavity, especially in the case of ascites. The patient must necessarily visit a dietitian to receive a special diet or a diet.

Treatment of chalazia with the help of synthetic medications consists in the regular use of regulators of the motor activity of the lower esophagitis valve. Domperidone and Metoclopramide are widely used. With their help, you can quickly eliminate the main symptoms of the disease and ease the overall condition of the patient.

The patient also must adhere to certain rules of conduct, so as not to provoke an aggravation of chalazia. He is recommended to sleep with a slightly raised head and not wear tightening clothes. For a while, you should completely exclude increased physical activity. Gradually, they can be increased, but with care and under the care of the treating doctor. In some cases, patients will need to change their place of work.

Surgical treatment of the disease is indicated only at the advanced stage of the disease. The operation consists in suturing the muscles that form the cardia. After it, all the symptoms of the disease, as a rule, decrease and soon disappear completely.

Symptoms of ailment can be eliminated with the help of some folk remedies. But before using them, it is recommended to visit a gastroenterologist to agree on this method of treatment. After all, not all traditional medicine is completely safe.


Treatment of chalazium will be 100% effective only if a special diet is used along with conservative therapy. Its main principles are:

  1. eating food is only fractional. Such eating will reduce the burden on the sphincter;
  2. food must be eaten at the same time;
  3. After eating, you should walk for two hours or be in a sitting position
  4. include in the daily ration cereals, homogenized dishes
  5. It is strictly forbidden to eat too hot or chilled dishes
  6. A proper diet should contain a lot of vegetables and fruits;
  7. You can not eat salted, smoked, fatty, alcoholic beverages and spices.

Treatment of cardia deficiency is a lengthy process that requires strict adherence to the prescribing of the attending physician.