Leptotriks: Symptoms and Treatment

Leptotryx is an infectious disorder caused by microorganisms breeding in freshwater reservoirs (but can also occur in swimming pools). Based on the name (Leptos thin + thrix — hair), it becomes clear that the pathogens resemble long hairs. In almost all cases, the disease is diagnosed in female representatives — in men, such an ailment is extremely rare. Despite the fact that the virus in the body lives in the mouth, it can also be found in the vagina. In this case, the disease is not transmitted sexually. In addition, it is often diagnosed in the fairer sex during pregnancy.

In total there are several varieties of such a bacterium — leptotriks, which contributes to the development of the disease in the mouth, as well as representatives that cause this disease in the vagina. And not all cases can be prescribed treatment. If such a disorder does not show any symptoms, then therapy can be abandoned. The main reason for the occurrence of an ailment is the ingestion of a bacterium into the human body during bathing in reservoirs or pools. Such a sexually transmitted disease is not transmitted.

Leptotriks has no oral symptoms. A slightly brighter picture of the course of the disease with localization in the vagina. In such a situation, a woman can find abundant secretions that have an unpleasant smell and a grayish shade. The remaining signs of this disease can be identified when examined by a gynecologist.

Detection of leptotriks in a smear from the vagina is not difficult — bacteria are easily detected under a microscope. It is a little more difficult to diagnose such a disease in the oral cavity, since it does not cause any unpleasant sensations. Often it is found by chance, when looking at the pharynx. Treatment of such a disorder is only medicated.


The main way of getting the virus into the female body is running water, swimming in pools or ponds. But there are several factors, in the presence of which in most cases, a leptotrix is ​​diagnosed. These are:

  • using an IUD woman
  • reduction of the immune system
  • a wide range of blood diseases;
  • Oncological process
  • HIV infection.

This disease is diagnosed only in women, in particular during pregnancy, and for men this disorder is not a threat.


Leptotrix is ​​a disorder that can be completely asymptomatic. With such an ailment with localization in the oral cavity, the symptoms can not, in general, be expressed. An exception is the situation when the number of pathogens increases significantly. In such situations, there may be a sense of foreign matter in the throat, as well as the presence of a gray raid in the tongue, the sky and tonsils.

The manifestation of such a disease in the vagina is somewhat wider. It can be expressed by such symptoms as:

  1. highlighting a gray hue, with a fetid odor
  2. the appearance of spots on the vaginal mucosa;
  3. The vagina acquired a yellow tint.

The last two signs can be detected only during a gynecologist’s examination.


In spite of the fact that leptotryx practically does not appear externally, such a disease has a number of complications. For example, such infection of the oral cavity can lead to pathologies of tooth enamel, softening and tooth decay. In a similar process in the vagina, during the smear examination, some sexually transmitted infections, for example, chlamydia, trichomoniasis and vaginal candidiasis, can be detected.

In addition, recently, a negative effect of leptotriks on the course of pregnancy has been identified. In women in the smear of which a virus was detected, spontaneous abortions very often occur, as well as inflammation in the amniotic fluid and the fetal membrane. After birth, a large number of babies, whose mothers have this ailment, have various bacterial complications.

For men, such a disease is not dangerous.


Difficulties in the formulation of the correct diagnosis in experienced specialists do not arise, because the bacteria are clearly visible in a microscopic study — they look like long threads. But for the final confirmation of the diagnosis, additional diagnostic measures may be required. They include:

  • gynecological examination of the patient — makes it possible to detect internal symptoms of the vaginal leptotriks
  • studying throat — can detect a large number of bacteria in the mouth
  • bacterial culture
  • PCR diagnostics.

In cases where the patient is a woman during pregnancy, additional consultation of the obstetrician-gynecologist is needed.


Despite the achievements of the world of medicine, there is no special treatment for leptotriks, when it is found in a smear from the oral cavity or vagina, does not exist. Antibacterial drugs are highly effective. In order to cure the disease in the genital area, it is necessary to take antibiotics. For women during pregnancy, a gentle tactic of therapy is made. In addition, medicinal substances used to strengthen immunity are used. The results of drug treatment can be traced through microscopic studies of a swab from the vagina or mouth.


In order for a woman to never experience problems with leptotriksom, it is necessary to adhere to several rules of prevention. Among them:

  1. Careful implementation of personal hygiene rules, especially after visiting swimming pools or swimming in water. Always ensure that water does not enter your mouth;
  2. use only purified running water that has passed through filtration
  3. Visit a gynecologist before planning a pregnancy.

Since the disease can occur without the expression of symptoms, it is necessary to regularly check with a female doctor — at least twice a year. With timely treatment, the prognosis of the disease is favorable.