Lymphostema (lymphedema): symptoms and treatment

Lymphostasis or lymphedema is a disease, as a result of which the process of lymph circulation in the human body is disturbed. As a consequence, the lymphatic fluid accumulates in the tissues. Gradually, the limbs lose their natural appearance, the motor function is disrupted. Without correct and timely treatment a person can become disabled. This pathological disorder is diagnosed in 10% of the total population.


The development of lymphedema can contribute to such reasons:

  • chronic venous insufficiency;
  • inflammation of blood vessels
  • Vascular obstruction
  • infectious disease

Distinguish between primary and secondary type of disease. The primary form can be diagnosed in children or be congenital. The secondary form can be provoked by the above factors and such additional reasons:

  1. obesity;
  2. diseases that cause metabolic disorders
  3. thoracic surgery, breast removal (mastectomy)


At an early stage, lymphedema does not have pronounced symptoms, and there are almost no painful sensations. As the disease progresses, the following symptoms can occur:

  • stiffness of movements;
  • swelling in the joint area, possibly redness of the skin
  • severe pain when walking;
  • the formation of trophic ulcers and a copy on the skin

At the last stage, in addition to lymphedema, limb contracture can develop and joint diseases develop. If there is no treatment, even a lethal outcome is possible.

Lymphostasis of the hands

Lymphoedema of the upper extremities is most often observed in women after surgery on the mammary gland or after complete removal of the breast (mastectomy). It is mastectomy that serves as a provocative factor for the formation of pathology.

In some cases, mastectomy can cause damage to both hands. In addition, this kind of ailment can develop after:

  1. upper limb injuries;
  2. inflammatory processes in the body
  3. transferred infectious diseases

In some cases, lymphedema may begin to progress after ingestion of coccal bacteria.

Symptoms of the disease manifest themselves brightly. The patient may experience elevated temperature and severe redness of the skin of the hands.

Occurrence of such symptoms, especially if they are observed after a mastectomy, requires an urgent examination of the doctor. Lymphostasis of the hand can lead to infection of the body with Staphylococcus aureus (especially if the cause of the development of pathology is an infectious disease). As a result, sepsis occurs.


Treatment of hand lymphostasis involves the following measures:

  • special gymnastics;
  • drug treatment;
  • diet;
  • folk remedies
  • Massage.

The diet is prescribed strictly by the individual physician.

At the initial stage, the lymphostasis of the hand is fairly well treated. Especially if you combine treatment with synthetic medicines with the reception of folk remedies. Different «grandmother’s» recipes can be used only after consulting a specialist. Especially if the cause of the progression of the pathology is mastectomy.

For the treatment of lymphostasis, the following folk remedies are used:

  1. lotion from the herbs (they are applied to the affected parts of the skin)
  2. ointments
  3. broths.

Lymphostasis of the feet

Lymphostasis of the legs may begin to progress because of:

  • kidney problems;
  • disorders in the work of the heart
  • various ailments of blood vessels
  • obesity;
  • Infectious and inflammatory processes.

In rare cases, this ailment develops after a mastectomy.

There are three stages of development of lymphedema of the lower extremities:

  1. reversible edema;
  2. irreversible edema;
  3. elephant legs.

The last stage can lead to disability and leads to the formation of other diseases, not only vessels, but also skin. At this stage of the disease, trophic ulcers and eczema are formed on the skin of the legs.


Treatment of leg lymphostasis involves not only the use of medication, but also strict adherence to diet, special exercises and the passage of a massage course.

Within the framework of drug treatment, preparations of this range of actions are prescribed:

  • Anti-inflammatory;
  • drugs that make up the right outflow of lymph;
  • medications to improve vascular tone.

The diet is prescribed to the patient individually, depending on the general condition of his body and the causes of the disease. However, it is necessary to exclude from the diet such products:

  1. carbohydrates;
  2. salty foods
  3. animal fats.

Instead, you need to include the following foods in your daily diet:

  • beans
  • dairy products
  • lean meat
  • vegetable oil
  • Vitamins of the P group

If you follow all the recommendations of a doctor and promptly seek medical help, treatment of lymphostasis brings quite good results. Particularly well, the ailment is treated with a combination of medicament and folk remedies.

Scrotal lymphedema

In addition to lymphedema of the lower extremities, it is possible to form and scrotal lymphedema. Scrotal lymphedema is a dangerous male disease that is diagnosed only in 8% of the male population.

The causes of progression of this subtype of the disease may be problems with the kidneys and violations in the outflow of lymph.

Symptoms of the pathology are as follows:

  1. edema formation
  2. redness of the skin on the genitals
  3. Itching and burning.

Lymphedema scrotum, in the absence of correct treatment, can lead to serious consequences, up to the amputation of the penis. In this subtype of pathology, folk remedies are inapplicable.

Treatment with folk methods

Treatment of lymphedema should be started only after visiting a qualified specialist and passing the appropriate tests.

The main course of treatment, on the recommendation of a doctor, can be supplemented with folk remedies. At an early stage of the disease it gives excellent results. However, in order to use any methods of treatment, you need to know the reasons that triggered the progression of the pathology. Otherwise, even folk remedies in the form of broths and lotions can only aggravate the state of affairs.

Folk remedies for the treatment of lymphostasis:

  • phyto products
  • Gadgets;
  • compresses.

Folk remedies for the treatment of ailment can only be used in tandem with the course of treatment that the doctor will prescribe. All recipes are selected strictly individually, because not always what helped one person, will also effectively help another.


Lymphedema at the initial stage of development is well treated and does not provoke the development of serious consequences. When manifesting the first symptoms of ailment, you should seek medical help, and not engage in self-diagnosis through advice and the Internet. It is also worth mentioning the fact that this disease is not a verdict. People live with him for a very long time.