Neurosis of the stomach: symptoms and treatment

Neurosis of the stomach is a pathological process, the development of which is facilitated by a wide variety of physiological and psychological factors. Psychological reasons include internal conflicts of the person, constant stressful situations, traumas of a psychological nature. You can cure this state only if you use an integrated approach.

What causes the disease?

Despite the fact that in medical statistics there are very few cases of treatment of patients with this problem to the doctor, the symptoms of the stomach neurosis were felt by a large part of the population. At the same time, most of them did not even suspect that they had a neurosis of the stomach. There is nothing surprising, since the pathology can for a lot of reasons:

  • Saturated rhythm of life, poor-quality or short-term night rest, unbalanced psyche, stress, overstrain associated with professional activity, psychological trauma
  • Incorrect and untimely food, frequent use of such harmful products as «fast food.»
  • Ulcer, gastritis, tumor formation.
  • External pathological effects on the stomach. They include intoxication by inhalation or ingestion of chemicals, poisoning with poor-quality products.
  • Diseases of the rest of the digestive and endocrine system. Such ailments contribute to the emergence of a reflex stomach reaction. Therefore, stomach neurosis can provoke cholecystitis, pancreatitis, colic.
  • Diseases of a viral and infectious nature

How to recognize the ailment?

Such a pathological process as neurosis Gastrointestinal Tract is currently a frequent disease in medical practice. Most often, the disease affects women of middle age. Patients complain of the following symptoms:

  1. hunger, despite recent eating
  2. a feeling of disgust from food, nausea in its sight or smell
  3. constant thoughts about food
  4. severe heartburn;
  5. feeling nauseous, vomiting after eating (similar symptoms refer to a condition called anorexia)
  6. Nerve colic, flatulence
  7. unpleasant sensations in the stomach, pain syndrome
  8. burp;
  9. nervous chewing movements in the absence of food
  10. feeling of heaviness in the epigastric region.

Symptoms of the psychomatic nature differ slightly from those listed previously. They do not always manifest only from the side of the epigastric region. In this case, the following symptoms are highlighted:

  • persistent migraine, dizziness, and elevated blood pressure
  • violation of sleep hygiene, inability to sleep at night, nervous awakening
  • Irritability, which develops into phobias and panic attacks
  • rapid pulsation, heaviness in the chest, pain in the heart, frequent toilet rides in a small way

Diagnostic Methods

The basis of diagnosis is the detection of the main causes that contributed to the formation of pathology. For this, the doctor is obliged to exclude diseases of the intestine and other organs of the digestive system, which may have similar symptoms. Help in this issue will be able to only complex gastroenterological diagnostics.

In view of the existing clinical picture, a differential diagnosis is made with peptic ulcer, helminthic invasion, cholecystitis, pancreatitis. In the absence of other functional abnormalities of the stomach, a further examination is conducted by an experienced neurologist. He can send the patient to an additional consultation with a psychiatrist. Such activities are necessary to collect detailed anamnesis and develop psychotherapeutic treatment. Its essence is a correction of the psychoemotional state of the patient.

Effective therapy

If neurosis of the stomach is in a neglected stage, then there is a danger of infection of intestinal diseases, which eventually acquire a chronic form. Therefore, as soon as you notice the first symptoms of the disease, do not sit and do not expect that everything will pass by itself, but go to the doctor at the reception. The neglected form of neurosis will lead to an aggravation of the condition and can cause a whole bunch of serious complications.

Treatment of neurosis includes a set of measures that are aimed at eliminating the cause of the disease and all unpleasant manifestations. After visiting such specialists as a neurologist, a psychiatrist and a psychotherapist, an effective scheme of therapeutic measures can be drawn up. Complex treatment of the disease includes:

  1. Reception of psychotropic medications — tranquilizers. Their sale is strictly by prescription.
  2. Treatment with a psychotherapeutic course that will resolve the conflict situation.
  3. Physiotherapy, including massage, baths and applications. Such treatment is aimed at normalizing processes in the nervous system.
  4. Common restorative preventive measures, including therapeutic manipulation, vitamin therapy, spa treatment.
  5. Herbal medicine is based on taking decoctions, infusions. However, only the attending physician should select this therapy.

In addition to the events presented, the patient should often rest and be out in the open air. Therefore, try to normalize the mode of rest and work. Your night sleep should last at least 6 hours.

Rational nutrition is an important condition for successful recovery. Thanks to a properly composed diet, it will be possible to eliminate abdominal pain with a neurosis. It is made taking into account such features of the body as the presence of gastrointestinal disease in chronic form, the level of gastric acidity.

Such treatment involves the use of only natural products (nuts, dried fruits) that have a positive effect on a person’s mental state. Refuse to have meat and fried foods. The basis of nutrition should be vegetables, fruits in fresh or boiled form.

Preventive measures

To protect yourself from such ailment, it is very important to follow the prevention. It includes the creation of conditions for a painless existence. Try not to take to heart all life’s troubles, avoid negative emotions and personal conflicts both at work and at home. Daily perform a simple set of physical exercises and lead an active lifestyle. If your whole life is painted in minutes, then your head will not be visited by any incomprehensible thoughts.

In the issue of prevention, the last role is assigned to drugs. But they should be appointed by a doctor. It is best to purchase medicines based on herbs. A great option will be valerian, motherwort, mint and rosemary. In some cases, the doctor prescribes the administration of luminal in small dosages.

Neurosis of the stomach is a disease that causes a lot of unpleasant sensations. It can be provoked by various stressful conflict situations. Therefore, try to fill your life with only positive moments, rejoice in every new day, pay more attention to your relatives, not work, walk in the fresh air and you will never hear of this illness.