Pain in testicles after sex: different causes

Painful sensations after sex can completely spoil the pleasure. If a man experiences testicular pain after sex, this warning sign should not be ignored as in some cases this pain may the symptom of a developing disorder.

Pain in testicles after sex

The most common cause why men experience testicular pain after sex is a lack of ejaculation. Arousal during a sexual intercourse was not logically ended, but an increased blood flow was carried to the testicles and a new sperm began to produce. Due to this a sensation of bursting pain occurs in the testicles. Sometimes, even after ejaculation a man can feel pain and it means that at this level of sexual  arousal one orgasm is just not enough. To relieve the pain a man can have some more sex, masturbate or take a cold shower. Such pain will be relieved in a couple of hours without any additional measures. It is important to remember that a long-lasting hyper-arousal and abstention will lead to blood congestion in the genitals and, consequently, to inflammations.

Testicular torsion is also among the reasons why men have testicular pain after sex. When a testicle rotates 360 degrees twisting the spermatic cord that brings blood to the scrotum and the arterial flow gets obstructed. It requires an immediate surgical interference as the lack of blood flow may cause necrosis.

Inflammation and infection

  • Inflammation in the testicles may be accompanied by a painful sensation after a sexual intercourse. Epididymitis is an inflammatory testicular disorder of an infectious origin. Infection gets into the testicles through urethra (in case with urethtritis). Orchitis develops as a complication of mumps.
  • It is crucial to exclude the trauma of the testicles and the scrotum. Traumas cause not only pain but also edema, discoloration of the skin and development of hematomas.

Female issue

Many women are worried whether it is normal to have ovarian pain after sex.

Pain in the ovaries may be accidental caused by a menstrual cycle. However it may also be a sign of  genital disorders.

It must be remembered that

Frequently, follicular cyst is the factor responsible for ovarian pain after sex. Follicular cyst develops from the leading follicle when there is a lack of ovulation. Among the symptoms of the disorder are sensation of heaviness, bursting feeling in the genitals, pain aggravated by the physical activity or sexual intercourse and menstrual disorder. Follicular cyst is a benign condition but it is dangerous by its complications. If you noticed these symptoms, you should visit a gynecologist.

Infectious diseases is a common reason why appendages hurt after sex. Adnexitis (appendages inflammation), oaritis (inflammation of an ovary) develop because of the excessive loss of heat, chronic inflammatory disease of urogenital system and require timely treatment.