Pinworm: Symptoms and Treatment

Pinworms are helminths that provoke such a pathological condition as enterobiosis. These parasites are small worms, the length of the male is only 5 mm, and the female — up to 10 mm. The appearance of this helminth is specific — in the female the posterior end is pointed, and in the male it is slightly curved on the ventral side, while the individuals of both sexes have a special swelling at the anterior end of the trunk, with helminths attached to the intestinal walls.

Parasitises this helminth mainly in the large intestine (as well as in the lower parts of the delicate), but to lay eggs, which in each individual female helminth is from 5 to 15 thousand, the helminth needs to descend in the rectum to the anus. Eggs are glued into perianal folds, in the region of the anus or even on the hips of the human carrier.

Paths of infection

Pinworms are transmitted from person to person through contaminated food, dirty hands, and through contaminated eggs. That is, the ways of transmission of helminthic invasion are as follows:

  • food;
  • contact
  • household.

How exactly the infection takes place and how much time is required for the pinworms to mature in the intestine of a person to the sexually mature stage — all this is necessary for the person to know, when he fell ill and prevent the possible spread of helminthic invasion. Infection occurs when mature eggs enter the mouth of a person, from where they enter the intestine. It takes only two weeks for the larvae emerging from the eggs to reach the sexually mature stage and begin laying eggs themselves. In the future, the cycle of development is repeated.

Due to the fact that helminths in the body of a child or adult are in different stages of development (eggs, larvae, sexually mature individuals), treatment of pinworms is not always successful. And all because the drugs used by modern medicine to treat this disease are not effective against pinworm eggs, and affect only adult individuals. Therefore, it is recommended to use the medication several times, with a break in two weeks, and also observe during the whole treatment precautions to protect against re-infection.

It should be noted that pinworms are most common in children, which is due to inadequate compliance with hygiene rules. But this does not mean at all that pinworms can not appear in adults — the latter can get sick, infected from the child by contact-household way or, just like children, using insufficiently washed food or forgetting to wash their hands before eating.


Pinworms in children are very common, so probably every parent knows what the symptoms of this disease are. The main complaint of a man with pinworms is a complaint of an unbearable itch in the anal passage area, which occurs mainly from 23:00 to 1:00 am. This is due to the fact that it is during this time interval that female pinworms crawl out of the intestine to the outside and lay eggs, trying to make it invisible.

Pinworms in children are associated with other symptoms, which are the consequence of the main. In particular, because of the intolerable itching in the anal passage area at night, children (and adults) can not sleep, so they suffer from insomnia, which affects their overall well-being during the day. The disease can also be accompanied by symptoms such as:

  1. weakness;
  2. temperature increase to subfebrile indicators
  3. headache;
  4. abdominal pain along the colon;
  5. reduction of unspecific immunity

The above symptoms are a consequence of the parasitism of pinworms in the human intestine, as in the course of their vital activity, the worms release a toxin that causes a specific clinic. In addition, in the process of vital activity of parasites, the intestinal wall can be damaged, which causes small particles of food to enter the bloodstream and spread through the body, causing a person to develop allergies.

Toxins produced by worms also affect the nervous system, causing the child or adult to develop symptoms of nervous breakdown, such as mood swings, dizziness, irritability, and others. Also children or adults may experience the following symptoms of pinworm:

  • the appearance of a mushy stool;
  • a bowel movement several times a day;
  • the appearance of mucus in the feces.

And of course, a child or an adult can see the worms themselves after stool, which is an obvious confirmation of enterobiasis.

In addition, it is important to remember that actively breeding in the intestine, pinworms can enter the appendix, causing its inflammation and appendicitis development. Very often surgeons, operating with patients with appendicitis, find in this organ a whole tangle of pinworms. Therefore, it can be argued that the parasitism of pinworms in the human body is not as harmless as it might seem at first glance.

Diagnosis and treatment

People know how to get rid of pinworms for a long time. There are special drugs, the use of which allows you to destroy adult individuals, as well as recipes of traditional medicine, with which you can drive the pinworm from the body.

However, it is important to know that the doctor prescribes tablets from pinworms only in those cases when the diagnosis of enterobiosis is confirmed by laboratory tests — detection of eggs of the worm in fecal masses or scraping from the area of ​​the anal opening. If the diagnosis is not clinically confirmed, but only the expected symptoms of the disease, treatment is not prescribed — in this case, additional diagnosis is required to confirm or deny the diagnosis.

Such drugs are used in modern medicine for the treatment of enterobiasis, such as:

  1. pyrantel
  2. Vermox;
  3. piperazine and others with a similar composition.

Precautions should be given to drugs when pinworms are found in children, since pills from pinworms are quite toxic, and not all children easily tolerate their use. Therefore, you must first make sure that the baby does not have allergies to the components of the drug.

As mentioned above, the drugs used to treat this helminthic invasion are not effective against pinworm eggs, so treatment should be carried out in several stages, and in the intervals between children and adults it is important to follow the rules of hygiene. In addition, drugs from pinworms should be taken by the whole family, if one of the family members becomes infected — this will prevent re-exposure.

How to get rid of pinworms in popular ways is a frequently asked question. There are many methods, but the most effective are:

  • garlic, which must be consumed in the evening before bedtime in an amount of 3 heads for 3 consecutive days;
  • pumpkin seeds, crushed and filled with olive oil (taken on an empty stomach in the morning)
  • wormwood
  • thyme infusion and many others.

It is very important to consult with a doctor before using the traditional methods of treating pinworms. And it is better to use these funds in combination with traditional means from pinworms.