False pregnancy in women

Many have heard about such a condition as false pregnancy in women. However it is difficult to say whether it is a reality or just a myth, and if there is such a phenomenon in medicine and what are its causes.

false pregnancy

False pregnancy in women is a pathological condition which is accompanied by all the symptoms of a real physiological pregnancy. While science can not explain the causes of such a specific condition, it is absolutely for sure that it is a psychological condition determined by dysfunctions in the nervous system. Phantom pregnancy occurs very rarely but it may be worth learning the general information for those who cares about his or her health and the health of the closest people.


The symptoms of the false pregnancy are difficult to confuse with any other disorder except the cases when a woman is really expecting a baby. Earlier this condition occurred more frequently than today. It is explained by the development of a functional diagnostics  which can easily prove the pregnancy wrong. Among the symptoms of a phantom pregnancy are:

  • Absence of menstrual periods or scanty period. Such condition of a female hormonal system negatively affects the health of a woman and requires medical help;
  • Early gestational toxicosis: morning nausea, vomiting;
  • Mammary glands swelling;
  • Women with a false pregnancy symptom begin to gain weight, the belly is growing and the backbone has a curve characteristic of a pregnant woman (lordosis of pregnancy);
  • Some women argue that they can feel fetal movements;
  • A woman becomes moody, she has a tendency to tearfulness and capriciousness.

All these symptoms of a false pregnancy in women are the result of self-suggestion. Breast swelling, nausea and growing belly occur only because a woman is absolutely sure that she is expecting a baby. The opinion that in such a way a woman wants to deceive her husband or other people is wrong as her strong belief in her pregnancy triggers the whole chain of her body reactions.

Causes of false pregnancy

Women have a syndrome of false pregnancy not very often as certain prerequisite factors are necessary for this condition to occur. Most often they are of a psychological nature. Women and girls with unstable temperament who have tendency suspicions, hysterias and phobias are in the group of risk. False pregnancy may occur both in young inexperienced girls and mature women who already have children. Specialists state the following reasons of a false pregnancy in women:

  • Futile efforts to get pregnant. This is a great stress for a woman which may cause mental disturbance;
  • Sometimes a woman has a false pregnancy after a miscarriage or death of her baby;
  • The syndrome of false pregnancy may develop in a situation when a woman does her best to save her marriage. However it is not a method to manipulate her husband but a defensive reaction;
  • Pregnancy of friends or close relatives may also be a reason of false pregnancy;
  • Rarely false pregnancy may occur in women who are negative about pregnancy and childbirth. They think about it too much and it can cause nervous breakdown.
  • False pregnancy in women may occur shortly before the menopause. Sometimes a woman before losing her reproductive function, on the level of subconsciousness, desperately wants to fulfill her duty, give a birth to a child. This pathological condition is caused by emotional instability prior the climax.

What should a woman do if she has the symptoms of a false pregnancy?

If you noticed that you or your friends or relatives have the symptoms of a false pregnancy and the test shows a negative result, immediately visit a gynecologist.

One examination will be enough to confirm that a woman is not pregnant. However, regarding the fact that this is a psychological condition, it will be very difficult to convince a woman that she is not expecting a baby. In this case, a consultation of a mental specialist or psychotherapist is required. As the disorder is not fully studied, each case requires an individual approach and very careful examination. Never ignore the symptoms of a false pregnancy. The earlier a woman starts psychological therapy, the easier it will be to restore her health and harmony.