Should girls shave their pubic hair?

Today’s beauty standards make a girl or a woman take care of her body very carefully and do it every day. Slim and trim body, tender skin without eruptions and undesirable hair, healthy hair and nails are absolutely necessary things to feel attractive. For many women removal of undesirable hair became a troublesome problem. Many face the question whether a girl should shave her pubic hair and how to do it properly.

Physiological characteristics of hair growth in women

Hair growth around the pubic area is the secondary sexual characteristics in women. By the age of 11-12 years old fine, soft hair begin to grow on the pubis. By the age of 13-14, the hair becomes darker, thicker and harder. Hair growth in the pubic area is regulated by the ovarian hormones, for this reason the hair may become thinner during a menopause.

The evolutionary purposes of pubic hair are the following:

  1. They enlarge the surface for the distribution of the pheromones produced by the special glands in the groin area;
  2. Thermoregulation function;
  3. A visual sign of sexual maturity.

A female type hair growth is characterized by a horizontal hair growth line. Any delay in the hair growth or unusual structure or hair growth area may indicate hormonal disorders in a female body.

Why would a girl shave her pubic hair?

There is no precise answer to the question, whether a girl should shave her pubic hair, however, undesired hair bring great discomfort. You should consider removing your pubic hair and we are going to tell you why:

  • If you want to wear lace underwear or strings. Visible pubic hair is not aesthetically pleasing;
  • Almost all designs of swimwear make a girl to shave her pubic hair;
  • Rare is the man who really likes hair in a female intimate area. To make your man happy and give him pleasure wearing erotic underwear or being completely nude, just shave your pubic hair;
  • Shaving is a must if you want to experiment with intimate hairstyles or tattoos;
  • Hair is a favorable milieu for bacteria, besides due to hair your sweating is increased (especially, in a warm season). Personal hygiene is one of the major reasons why girls shave their pubic hair.

How to shave pubic hair

If you want to observe personal hygiene and care about your pubic appearance, you should be aware how girls shave their pubic hair. Skin in the bikini area is very sensitive and hair is hard which makes the shaving a bit difficult. For this reason, you should be serious about choosing the right shaving razor, other shaving products and to the procedure itself.

pubic hair

Many female shaving razors are good for shaving legs but not very convenient for removing pubic hair. In this case, male razor is a perfect option. Male razors are sharper and more flexible which is critical for removing hair in hard to shave spots.

Today the choice of female shaving products is large. You can choose a shaving foam, cream or gel with your favorite scent. There are, however, some products which we would not recommend using for your intimate area:

  1. Male shaving products. They contain more aggressive components which may cause allergic reaction. Besides they have specific “male” aroma;
  2. Try not to use soap, shower gel and mousse. They contain a lot of active cleaning agents and may irritate the microtraumas on the skin from shaving.

For more effective shaving, use after-shave products. They soothe and moisture the skin preventing redness and itching.

Before starting this delicate procedure, read our useful tips how to shave female pubic hair:

  • Before shaving the intimate area, apply some scrub. It will help to remove dry skin cells and prevent ingrown hair after shaving;
  • Moisture the skin and apply some shaving product for 5-10 minutes. In this way, you will prepare your skin and hair for shaving;
  • Shave only along the hair growth line to avoid cuts and irritation;
  • For more convenient shaving, gently pull the skin;
  • If you have a cut, apply some hydrogen peroxide (solution);
  • When you finish, blot the area with a dry towel (do not rub to avoid skin irritation).

Pubic hair removal should be an individual decision of each woman. You may choose to remove the hair completely or only partially. Follow the recommendations and remember that care about your body should not be an unpleasant routine or a painful obligation.