Sore throat after oral sex

Oral sex is an important aspect of the sexual life. However, it is a mistake to suppose that oral sex is safer than traditional sex. Often many women complain that they have a sore throat after oral sex. The symptom may be caused by an infection:

    Sore Throat

  • Syphilis. The causative agent is Treponema pallidum, it may penetrate the mucous membrane of the oral cavity and cause the development of a rounded ulcerous defect. This disease is accompanied by characteristic symptoms: rash on different areas of the body, fever, dizziness, enlargement and induration of regional lymph nodes. Syphilitic angina is also typical.
  • Gonorrhea. The causative agent is Neisseria gonorrhoeae. The patients feel a sore throat and inflammation, tickling and burning in the throat. Additionally to the symptoms of pharyngitis, common inflammatory processes may also be observed (weakness, headache, and low-grade fever).
  • AIDS and HIV. After the incubation period, a sore throat may occur as well as fever, headaches and painful joints, enlargement of lymph nodes and rash.

Non-infectious reasons of a sore throat

Injuries caused by oral petting may also be responsible for a sore throat after oral sex. The most common injury is a bruise on the soft palate. In this case, an ulcer with grayish and white fibrinous pellicle appear surrounded by hyperemic mucosa. Ulcer irritation may lead to an infection. A blow job may lead to mechanical injury of the tissues and the development of erythema or hematoma on the soft palate. Red spots caused by a minor bleed (petechia) may also occur.

Treatment and prevention

Treatment of a sore throat after oral sex depends on the etiology of the injury, its severity and the mechanism. If a sore throat is caused by sexually transmitted disease, the treatment will include the use of antibiotics, immunostimulators, and vitamin therapy. In this case, both partners should be diagnosed and treated. If a sore throat relates to a mechanical injury, it is necessary to refrain from oral sex until the injury is healed. The treatment includes the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, a special diet excluding hard and hot food.

To prevent a sore throat after oral sex, it is recommended to use contraceptives (condoms) to reduce the risk of injuries.