How to use vaginal suppositories?

A lot of women used vaginal suppositories at least once in their lives to treat or prevent some disorders. Like any other medications, there are special methods of application vaginal suppositories and impact mechanisms. To reach the best therapeutic result, you should know how to insert vaginal suppositories correctly.


Pharmaceutical form

Suppositories are inserted into body cavities and contain certain concentrations of medications. Suppositories start melting at 36 degrees and higher. Vaginal suppositories differ from the rectal ones by their form. They may be round, oval or pessaries. The standard weight of the vaginal suppositories is 1.5 – 6g. The form and the size determine the method how to insert vaginal suppositories.


It is reasonable to indicate the medications in the form of vaginal suppositories because of anatomic characteristics of the vaginal circulation. Venous drainage is performed right into the venous system of the body avoiding the portal vein. Medications do not go through metabolic cycle in the liver and this enables to significantly reduce the amount of the active substance. Local effect substances which are poorly absorbed through the mucous membrane are also more effective in the form of the suppositories. Such suppositories are used for local effect on the tissues and vaginal microflora.

Indications for use

A gynecologist may find it reasonable to prescribe vaginal suppositories in the following cases:

  • Inflammatory diseases of infectious etiology (vaginitis, cervicitis);
  • As a preventive measure before surgical interferences (abortion, diathermocoagulation of the cervix);
  • Before and after insertion of the intrauterine device;
  • Some vaginal suppositories have a birth control effect;
  • To regulate the normal vaginal flora.

The main contraindication for using suppositories is hypersensitivity (allergic reaction) to the components of the medication. Only a specialist can properly choose the medication and its dosage!

How to insert vaginal suppositories correctly?

It is clear from the name of the medication that suppositories are inserted into the vagina. If you incidentally insert a suppository into the rectum, you will not notice any negative reactions of your body. However, to reach the expected therapeutic result insert suppositories into the vagina, having read the information leaflet.

To avoid infection, before you insert vaginal suppositories , wash your hands without soap. Prepare a sanitary pad. Despite the fact that you insert suppositories deep enough, it will not be completely absorbed and some if it may be left on your underwear.

A lying position is the best way to insert vaginal suppositories correctly . Insert a suppository with your finger or a special applicator (it is recommended if you have long nails). Many women face the question how deep to insert the suppositories. If you insert a suppository not deep enough, most of it will leak out and the effectiveness will be low. After  you inserted a suppository, lay down for 20 minutes. Usually, vaginal suppositories are inserted at bed time but only a doctor recommends the time and the duration of treatment.

If you are still in doubt about vaginal suppositories or you are afraid to do something wrong, consult with a specialist. On the Internet there are a lot of photos which show how to insert vaginal suppositories correctly .

Vaginal suppositories during period

One more common question concerning vaginal suppositories is whether it is safe to use vaginal suppositories during the period . It all depends on the drug composition. You can not use most of the vaginal suppositories during the period. It is explained by the fact that during copious discharge the active ingredient of the suppository is not absorbed into the blood, consequently, you have no positive effect. Usually, in an information leaflet it is said whether you can use suppositories during your period or not. Such individual questions as using suppositories only during certain phases of the menstrual cycle and abstinence from sexual life are solved only with a doctor.