Tuberculosis of the spine (tuberculous spondylitis): symptoms and treatment

Tuberculosis of the spine (tuberculosis spondylitis) is a dangerous disease of the musculoskeletal system that arose as a result of infection with a tubercle bacillus (Koch). A characteristic feature of this disease is the deformation of the spine. Tuberculosis of the spine can develop in both children and adults.

This disease can be infected after contact with a person, an animal that is already infected with tuberculosis. Tuberculosis of the spine can also develop if the patient is already ill with pulmonary or intestinal tuberculosis.

Usually spinal tuberculosis affects the lumbar, as well as the thoracic department. Tubercular rods «attack» the spine and joint bones. First, the ends of the joint bones are affected, later the synovial membrane and articular cartilage. It is important to notice the development of pathology in time and immediately seek help from a medical institution. Do not treat yourself! The treatment plan should be made by a qualified specialist on the basis of examination and the results of laboratory and instrumental analyzes.


At the initial stages, the symptoms of spinal tuberculosis are less pronounced, as the disease develops rather slowly. But gradually the symptoms become more pronounced. The patient with tuberculosis of the spine is noted:

  • weakness;
  • increase in body temperature;
  • the appearance of pain syndromes in places of localization of the disease
  • disorders in the functioning of the musculoskeletal system
  • discomfort and discomfort when driving;
  • muscle tension
  • deformation of the spine, resulting in atrophic changes in the form of a hump (in the early stages of the disease, the stoop is less developed and visible, but later the spine becomes more curved and the hump becomes larger)
  • irritability, aggression
  • When physical exertion pains appear, but during rest the pain passes.


Tuberculosis of the spine appears most often in people who do not observe the rules of hygiene, do not aerate and do not clean living quarters. Also, tuberculosis of the spine develops as a result of:

  1. infectious diseases, HIV infection
  2. bad habits (smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction)
  3. weak immune system;
  4. received injuries;
  5. hypothermia
  6. malnutrition.


For accurate diagnosis in medical institutions use the following methods:

  • X-ray examination
  • MRI
  • biopsy;
  • blood test
  • urinalysis


Patients with tuberculosis of the spine need to follow a diet, and exclude from the diet products that can harm the body.

From the diet should be deleted:

  1. fat meat, fish
  2. fried foods
  3. hot sauces;
  4. coffee, strong tea
  5. semi-finished products, refined products
  6. white bread
  7. sugar
  8. Figure;
  9. cakes, cream cake.

With tuberculosis, the body is depleted, so it needs a balanced, high-calorie diet. The diet should include:

  • chicken, beef, rabbit meat
  • boiled fish
  • cereals
  • eggs
  • beans
  • grains
  • nuts
  • fruit;
  • Orange vegetables
  • starch vegetables
  • Berries
  • yogurt
  • milk (low-fat);
  • Avocado
  • Creamy, melted butter.

The diet is also prescribed to the patient only by the doctor, taking into account the general condition of his body, as well as the severity of the disease.


In order for the treatment to be as effective as possible, the patient must always be in a hospital where doctors can watch him.

Treatment of ailment should be only comprehensive and include the following activities:

  1. Daily walks in the open air
  2. orthopedic treatment. If the patient has a deformity of the spine, then he needs to wear a supporting corset, and also sleep on a special plaster bed
  3. proper nutrition;
  4. massage;
  5. physiotherapy procedures
  6. Therapeutic gymnastics.

Medication consists of several stages. First, patients are prescribed a course of treatment directed, first of all, to improving the working capacity of the body normalizing its activity. After prescribe antibiotics of a wide spectrum of action, and vitamins, in which the patient so needs. The patient’s condition is constantly monitored. He will need to take regular tests so that the doctor can see if the prescribed treatment is effective or there is a need to change the drugs.

Tuberculosis is a very dangerous and merciless disease, which without proper treatment can lead to the development of many complications.

After the course of treatment, resort and sanatorium rest is recommended.

Treatment with folk methods

In the fight against tuberculosis, various broths and tinctures are helpful:

  • male inflorescences of pine, boiled milk, honey, butter, raw eggs. A mixture made from these ingredients must be consumed 3 times a day;
  • Goat’s milk with the addition of embers from linden branches is also useful
  • mixture with milk whey, eggshell shell
  • A mixture of oat flakes, bran, honey and boiling water.

These folk remedies can only be used in tandem with medication, and only with the permission of your doctor. It is unacceptable to engage in self-medication, as one can exacerbate one’s condition. Tuberculosis is not a disease that can be cured on its own.


For prophylactic purposes, it is recommended that an annual fluorographic study be performed. Also, children after birth within two weeks should be vaccinated (BCG), the next in 7 years. It is recommended to refrain from communicating with patients who have an open form of pulmonary tuberculosis.