Vulvar lesions

Different lesions on labia majora and labia minora can occur due to numerous causes. It can be an infection, a tumor, allergy or exogenous irritants. Some of the labial lesions can disappear themselves, some require treatment and some are a sign of a serious sexually transmitted disease. Therapy approach depends on the cause of labial rash and we should classify therapy approaches on the basis of etiology.

Exogenous irritants

  • Poor personal hygiene. Pimples on labia minora and labia majora may occur due to improper personal hygiene. Girls do not take shower regularly, do not change sanitary pads or tampons often enough and clearly it leads to irritation and pimples. Synthetic underwear is also the cause of labial pimples because this is a non-breathing material. All these factors lead to bacteria propagation and, consequently, to inflammation.
  • Excessive heat loss. Female genitals are very sensitive to low temperatures. Even minor heat loss leads to a large bump on the labia. The bumps are itchy and hard but not painful. You should be aware that such bumps are easily infected.
  • Pores clogging. Clogged sebaceous glands develop a lump inside the labia which is hard, not painful and does not give any discomfort. Such a morphological element is called a bud and does not require any special treatment. However, it is necessary to observe it over time to avoid its growth into a furunculus.
  • Genitals skin damage can have different nature. For example, bad hair removal can lead to hair in-growth and white pimples on the labia. In these cases, the pimples on the labia minora are painful and purulent. Other damages occur as a result of blunts, injuries, abortions etc. In this case, labial hematoma appears which look like blue and dark-red formations painful with palpation. Labial hematoma often requires urgent medical assistance as it is an internal hemorrhage and the genitals have numerous blood vessels.

Non-infectious pathologies

  1. A lump on the inner labia is an alarming signal as it can be a malignant tumor. While tumors on the genitals are often benign, do not ignore them.

Among benign labial tumors the following are distinguished:

  • Myoma (can be compared to a ball and it is located inside the labia);
  • Fibroid (a lump inside the labia majora and is composed of muscle tissue);
  • Lipoma (a small nodule or several nodules around the vulva);
  • Hydradenoma (rarely occurs and has a form of a nodule).

Induration on the  labia minora or labia majora in a form of a large nodule or a bud most often indicates malignant tumors which requires immediate medical assistance.

  1. Nerve strain. It happens rarely but still pimples on the labia minora can occur due to frequent stress and tensions. The rash is similar to allergy or it is caused by mechanical factors.

Infections causing labial induration

  • Human papilloma virus affects people with reduced immunity and is transmitted sexually. There are several types of HPV. The first type is papillary growth on the skin and it is considered to be a precancerous condition. The second type is labial condyloma and the photo of this condition you can find on the Internet. They form a cauliflower-like clusters and can lead to cervical cancer. Condylomata grow very rapidly and appear instantaneously. We know about the cases when condylomata disappeared themselves, however most often only a surgical interference can help to remove them.
  • Bartholin glands are located in a woman’s genital area and they can get inflamed due to Bartholin duct blockage. The symptoms appear gradually and a typical sign of the pathology is induration on the labia majora which develops only in two weeks after the inflammation onset. Too tight underwear causes pain and discomfort and further the labia becomes swollen. A woman suffers burning sensations. Sometimes this condition develops purulency but it happens very rarely. This pathology does not involve any serious therapy but a woman should not ignore it as the disease can develop into a relapsing form and further grow into a cyst.
  • Syphilis is a serious sexually transmitted disease which is characterized by the occurrence of a chancre (a sore) during the primary stage. When the sore grows into a pimple under the skin on the labia, it means that the diseases transformed to the second stage affecting more organs and body systems. Labial pimples in syphilis can be of different type and size. They can be usual papulae or purulent lesions. Typically, the pimples are flaky. A patient with syphilis does not have any other subjective sensations such as itching or burning, however we advise not to ignore such skin eruptions. It is absolutely senseless to get rid of the pimples oneself as syphilis can be treated only with special drugs. The earlier you start the therapy, the fewer complications you will have.
  • Candidiasis or thrush. The main symptoms of the disease are white vaginal discharge and itching. One or several white pimples on the labia majora may also occur, though it rarely happens. The pimples are usually small and painless. Only a medical specialist can choose the most optimal treatment.
  • Genital herpes. The major problem of herpes is that it is incurable. Fortunatley, it manifests itself only when the immune system is weak. The herpetic rash is a small watery blister in the vaginal area, it is itchy and painful. These blisters break with time and form painful ulcers. They are treated with a special medication inhibiting the virus of herpes, however the therapy is only symptomatic as the pathogenic agent remains in the body.

Treatment of the labial rash

  1. Pimples that appeared because of improper personal hygiene or other exogenous factors do not require any special therapy. It is enough to get rid of the irritant and the rash disappears. Antiseptic ointments and extracts can be used to relieve itching and burning. Zinc oxide cream or a baby powder have a drying effect. Diaper rash creams can also help to relieve the symptoms.
  2. Hematomas. If general condition of a woman is normal, cold compressions will be beneficial. A woman should be aware, however, that deteriorating condition or hematoma enlargement is the reason to immediately visit a doctor.
  3. If a woman suffers nerve strain, she can use relaxing ointments and she should pay attention to her well-being. When her general health condition is better, the pimples disappear themselves.
  4. Tumor-like asymptomatic formations inside the labia require a visit to a gynecologist and later to an oncologist, if necessary.
  5. There are a number of signs (they are typical for infections) which require immediate visit to a gynecologist:
  • Rapid growth of rash;
  • Ulcer transformed into a pimple and vice versa;
  • Swelling of the genitals;
  • Flaky rash;
  • Watery blisters;
  • Increased number of many groups of lymph nodes and fever.

Clearly, indurations of the labia minora and labia majora are an unfavorable sign. If in two weeks the rash does not disappear and gets worse, a visit to a gynecologist is the first thing a woman should do.

Self-treatment only helps to relieve irritations but it is senseless in serious pathologies.