40 popular Fails during sex

The nature itself made a man receive pleasure from sex. While there are not standard rules how to make love, mistakes during sex really exist and they can spoil the quality of sex life.

There are many ways to spoil intercourse but we share with you 40 huge mistakes during sex. These are common mistakes and they can even lead to a conflict between the partners. Learn these 40 mistakes during sex to avoid them in real life.

The most common mistakes women make during sex

Women usually suffer from being too emotional. When it comes to sex, feelings and emotions can make a woman make mistakes during sex:

  1. Routine and boring sex. This mistake is typical of married women for whom sex life is not a key priority anymore;
  2. Sex as a way to manipulate a partner. Sex is kind of an award for a man if he behaved himself. If a partner did something wrong, he is punished and deprived of sex;
  3. Self-restraint during sex. It is unlikely that a man will be inspired by your complaints about your weight or appearance while he is doing his best to make you feel good;
  4. mistakes during sex

  5. Strict rules of behavior in bed. Love for change is an essential part of any man. Being a touch-me-not in bed is one of the most common mistakes of girls in sex;
  6. A categorical refusal to satisfy a man. If your man shared with you his desires, you can promise to think about it, at least;
  7. Emotional detachment during sex. It is very important for a man to see what his woman is feeling right now;
  8. >Indifference to one’s own appearance. You do not need to run to a spa-salon before sex but who said you do not need to take elementary care about your appearance?
  9. Comparison. Any comparison with your past experience and partners is absolutely unacceptable. Men can hardly forgive such mistakes of women in sex;
  10. Getting into an argument. Talks about problems between you, with your family or colleagues during sex discourage even the most passionate man;
  11. Being a victim. Your partner will not appreciate your patience if you do not enjoy the process;
  12. Orgasm simulation. Many girls simulate their orgasm not to hurt their partner. However, if he understands it, you will have a fight about it;
  13. Too high expectations. Even the most experienced men do not always know how to make a woman feel good. Be patient and delicately show him what to do;
  14. Theatrical behavior. Role play is very exciting, however, if a girl is not very confident about it, it’s better not to practice it;
  15. Egoism. Usually, men take an active part in sex but girls should also seize the initiative and make a partner happy;
  16. Being too concentrated on details: focus on sex but not on the candles, the color of your bed linen and romantic music.

The most common mistakes men make during sex

Men also make mistakes during sex and here are the most common:

  1. No foreplay. A woman needs tender kisses and touches to receive pleasure in bed;
  2. Deadly silence. Women regard your silent concentration as your indifference or your thinking about another woman;
  3. Sleep shortly after sex. We understand, you are tired but try to find the power and tell her a couple of nice words and kiss her after sex;
  4. Too bright light. Any man wants to enjoy the beauty of his partner but too bright light makes women think only about their shape and appearance. A small lamp or candles is an ideal variant;
  5. Quick ejaculation. Regular fast orgasm is regarded by women as selfishness;
  6. Irresponsible attitude to contraception. Almost all women think that it is a man’s task to buy and have condoms;
  7. Improper rhythm of frictions. To reach an orgasm, a woman needs proper rhythm. Think about it when making love;
  8. Dictatorship. There are no leaders in sex. Desires of each partner are equal and should be taken into account;
  9. fails in sex

  10. Being boastful. If you are really so good, a woman will see it herself and there’s no need to comment it;
  11. Scruff. If a woman does not like sensations when you kiss her, shave regularly. Women’s skin is very sensitive and prone to irritations;
  12. Indifference to personal hygiene. You don’ t need to use a lot of perfume but we doubt a woman will be delighted by the aroma of an unwashed body;
  13. Comparisons with your ex. If you just mention your ex, we can assure that you’ll get a scandal instead of sex;
  14. Being too curious about her feelings. Do not ask her every minute whether she reached an orgasm and how does it feel;
  15. Refusal to give her oral sex when she never refuses ti give you a blowjob. If your woman gives you a blowjob, it will be strange to refuse to give her oral pleasure;
  16. Sex marathons. Do not show your stamina and physical abilities. You both receive mutual pleasure. Besides, she can be not as fit as you are.

Mistakes during first sex

Some of the mistakes during sex are typical for first sex:

  1. Talks about love, marriage and your relations. You are just starting to discover about each other, so try to avoid ambitious statements;
  2. Experiments with sex positions. The partners do not know each other well and there is a great risk of traumas;
  3. Lack of foreplay. This is a typical male mistake and a girl can think that you need only sex;
  4. Demanding oral or anal sex. You don’t know the attitude of your partner to such aspects of sex and you can find yourself in an awkward situation;
  5. Exaggeration of your sex skills. We understand, you want to show your best features but it’s better to be honest with your partner;
  6. Making efforts to please a partner. Your relations are just developing and your partner will be surprised if you refuse to do things you were ready to do when you just met;
  7. Talks about the past. This is a very common mistake during first sex. If your partner wants, he or she will tell you everything later;
  8. Orgasm simulation. It is a huge mistake to start your relations with lying;
  9. Talking about ex-partners. It can hurt the feelings and pride of your partner;
  10. Humor and jokes. This is a huge mistake during first sex because your partner may think that you are not serious about him or her.