How to choose the Anal Plug?

One of the most common and popular sex toys is a butt plug. It is similar to a dildo but less in size and designed to be inserted into the rectum for sexual pleasure. It stimulates anal nerve endings and enhances circulation in the anal area (unlike dildos) and this helps to reach a higher arousal. One more characteristic of a butt plug is a flanged end to prevent a plug from being lost inside the rectum.

What do you need an anal plug for?

An anal plug can be used in a variety situations both by women and men:

  • To prepare for anal sex. Anal plugs of different sizes are used for this. It is recommended to start with the smallest plug and when the biggest butt plug can be inserted without any painful sensations, you can have anal sex.
  • To replace anal sex in the absence of a partner.
  • During traditional sex for a double penetration. A plug fills the anus and makes the vagina smaller, which gives pleasant sensations.
  • To build arousal. Some plugs have a tail or a crystal on its end.
  • Butt plugs can be worn for an extended period if a person feels discomfort without it. The butt plug can be used for training anal muscles or for building sexual arousal.
  • Women can wear a butt plug after delivery if they have an extended vaginal opening and can not reach the orgasm because of it.
  • Men use a butt plug to stimulate the prostate gland. A plug massage of the prostate gland enhances penis blood filling and helps to better control the erection.
  • Medical specialists recommend using an anal plug for men and women as a prevention of hemorrhoids. Men suffering prostatitis, a plug helps to relieve pain.

How to choose a butt plug?

Today sex toys market offers a great variety of butt plugs, so there is no problem in choosing the best plug. It all depends on how you are going to use it and if you have experience in wearing butt plugs.

how to use anal plug

If you have never used butt plugs before, choose a cone-shaped butt plug with a flanged end made from an elastic material (silicone or polyvinylchloride). The length should be no more than 12 cm and diameter is a bit less than of an erected penis. Such a plug will help to relax anal muscles gradually and painlessly.

If you have experience in wearing butt plugs, you can choose longer plugs made from more durable materials. For example, to arouse your partner, choose metal anal plugs with a crystal or a tail. They have a bigger diameter than plugs for the first use. If a plug is going to be used during sex for anal games, there are long metal or glass butt plugs with several curves. To constrict the vaginal walls after childbirth, use 10 cm and over butt plug from a durable material.

There is a special group of anal plugs for prostate gland stimulation. Typically, they are made of silicone and have a curve. Their diameter is similar to the diameter of the erected penis.

How to use an anal plug correctly?

Those who use the plug for the first time often face a question how to insert a butt plug. Before inserting a plug, apply a lubricant or some cream (do not use water-based lubricants). Otherwise, plug insertion can be painful because anus does not produce any natural lubrication.

Slowly and carefully begin to insert the plug.

The plug is inserted 2 cm into the anus and then let the anus push it out. And only then insert the butt plug 2 more cm until it will be fully inside


Any position is good for using a butt plug but if you do it for the first time, the following positions are recommended:

  • Dog position (on all fours, doggy-style);
  • Squatting position;
  • Lying on your back with your legs spread apart and with a pillow under the back.

When you learned how to use a butt plug correctly, you can experiment with other positions.

It is necessary to wash a butt plug and preferably disinfect it after each use.

What can be used instead of a butt plug?

In every home there are objects which can be used instead of a plug. The most common are some fruits and vegetables:


  1. Banana;
  2. Carrot;
  3. Beetroot,
  4. Cucumber;
  5. Pear.

Having a great number of everyday objects, there should not be a problem how to make a butt plug yourself. If you can use a turning machine, you can make a good butt plug yourself. You will need a sheet of aluminum and apply some efforts. You should finish it very carefully, otherwise any defects will damage the skin. Another option is to use medical bottles.

How to use a homemade anal plug?

There is no great difference between using a homemade anal plug or a butt plug bought in a sex shop. Here are some:

  • If you use a fruit or a vegetable as a butt plug, throw it away right after the use and do not eat it.
  • You should be more careful with homemade anal plugs as they can injure the skin.
  • It is better to wear a condom when using homemade plugs. It will prevent anal and rectal damages.

The main rule when using homemade plugs is to observe safety measures in order to get pleasure and avoid medical assistance.