Benefits and risks of anal sex

Any couple having sex, talk about anal sex. Some stop at talking, some tried anal sex, ate least, once and the others have anal sex regularly. Today anal sex is not something extraordinary, but it attracts people with new sensations and the possibility to make sex life more interesting.

Positive effect of anal sex

Before discovering new feelings and sensations, it is better to learn about the benefits and risks of anal sex. Regardless of possible unpleasant consequences of anal sex, if you make everything correctly and be tuned in, then anal sex will bring only a positive effect.

Benefits of anal sex involve the sensitive sphere more than the physical one:

  • Anal sex is the sign of harmonious relations between the partners and a high level of trust between a man and a woman. This process requires tact and delicacy which is hard to get in casual relationships;
  • Anal sex can bring something new and exciting into your sex life. It is especially true for people living in a marriage for a long time. Novelty and variety in sex life have a positive effect on relations in general;
  • Among the benefits of anal sex is a longer intercourse as frictions are not so intensive as in vaginal sex;
  • A great benefit of anal sex for women is that they receive their first orgasm;
  • Psychological comfort is the main benefit of anal sex for men. During sex men always worry about spontaneous pregnancy of their partner but having anal sex they can completely relax and enjoy the intimacy;
  • Men having erectile dysfunction prefer anal sex because anal sphincter rings tightly hold the penis inside;

How to have anal sex correctly?

To enjoy anal sex, it is very important to follow the following recommendations:

  1. A long foreplay will help your partner to relax;
  2. Before anal sex, it is desirable to take a shower and have anal douching;
  3. Use lubricants. Avoid using vaseline-based creams as they irritate the mucous membrane;
  4. Anal sex is a slow and very delicate process. Caress your partner to make her completely relaxed;
  5. In any pain sensations, stop having anal sex;
  6. Choose the condoms with higher density;
  7. Do not be too obsessed with anal sex. 3-4 times a month is the optimal number.

Negative effects of anal sex

If you are not too serious about anal sex, consequences can be very unpleasant and even health-threatening for both partners!

  • A very rich pathogenic microflora of the rectum poses a high risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases and infections. Use the condoms to prevent infection;
  • Bacteria, harmless for the gastrointestinal tract, can lead to inflammations of the male urogenital system (urethritis, prostatitis, cystitis etc.);
  • Aggressive intercourse can cause anal fissures and hemorrhoidal bleeding. Injury is the main harmful effect of anal sex;
  • The rectum is part of the human digestive system and it was not made for anal sex. Functional disorders such as constipations or diarrhea are another reason why you should not have anal sex if you suffer acute or chronic intestinal diseases;
  • Anal sex does not give a 100% guaranty that a woman will not get pregnant. The sperm can enter the vagina, so fertilization is still possible. After the orgasm, a man should clean the sperm with a paper tissue or a towel.

Knowing why anal sex is good and following the rules, you will discover new sensual and sexual pleasures. Maybe, you will not be able to appreciate anal sex for the first time but be patient and trust your partner. You can have anal sex only by mutual agreement and only in this case you will feel its positive effect on your body and mind.