How to use Ben Wa balls?

Ben-Wa Balls are the balls to insert into the vagina. These are 2 or more balls connected together with a cord at the end and the size of the balls is from 1.5 cm to 3.5 cm. Depending on the material of the balls, there are the following ball types:

  1. Latex;
  2. Metal;
  3. Silicone;
  4. Glass;
  5. Plastic.

Ben-Wa Balls (kegel balls) may have different surface: smooth, ribbed, dotted etc. Besides, Ben-Wa Balls may be vibrating or have an off-centered weight.

Many people are sure that these balls are for sexual pleasure only. However it is a wrong opinion. Why else do we need Ben-Wa Balls? They perform several functions:

  • To increase the strength of the vaginal muscles;
  • As vaginal suppositories;
  • To prevent pelvic disorders;
  • As a sex toy.

Proper choice and benefits of the Ben-Wa Balls

Benwa Balls

Vaginal muscle strengthening is a critical aspect of a female health. Special exercises help to increase the tone of pelvic floor muscles, protect the health of the bladder and the intestine, relieve menstruation pain and menstruation syndromes. Training of the vaginal muscles is also beneficial  for pregnancy and childbirth. Using the kegel balls after a childbirth helps to reduce the vaginal opening stretching.

Ben-Wa Balls are the main element of Kegel exercises (special exercises for pelvic floor muscles training). Additionally, the use of kegel balls increases elasticity, contraction and flexibility of the vaginal muscles and, consequently, improves the quality of a sexual life. Clearly, to make the training effective, a woman should be aware of how to choose kegel balls properly. Here are some recommendations:

  • If a woman never had such a training, has a poor pelvic muscle tone or gave a birth to a child, she should choose kegel balls for the beginners with a large diameter (3-3.5 cm), probably dotted or ribbed to help her hold the balls inside the vagina.
  • The choice of the material is also critical – for the beginners plastic kegel balls are recommended as they are lighter than the other types of Ben-Wa Balls. Kegel balls with an off-centered weight are also suitable. Due to such training, a woman may learn how to keep the balls inside, to tense and relax the muscles.
  • On the later stages of a training, a woman may replace balls for metal kegel balls. They have a greater weight and they are smooth which makes it more difficult to keep them inside and exercises become more effective. On this stage a woman can also use glass kegel balls.
  • Exercises with kegel balls are even more effective if to use the balls with a smaller diameter and a bigger weight.

Instruction for use

Follow these recommendations to understand which kegel balls suit you better.  Learn how to use kegel balls properly to make exercise useful and not to harm your health. There  are certain rules:

  • The balls should be cleaned. Wash the balls with warm water and antibacterial soap or some other antiseptic.
  • Apply some lubricant on the balls before use. Choose water-based lubricants as they are not sticky and do not cause allergic reaction.
  • Always wash and dry the balls after the use.

How to use Ben-Wa Balls properly

To make the exercises effective, follow the instructions showing how to use kegel balls. Proper use of the balls will soon improve the pelvic muscles tone:

  • Apply some lubricant on the balls, lay down and slowly insert the balls one by one into the vagina. It is recommended to do exercises in a lying position if you have never done it before. When you learn better how to keep the balls inside with your muscles, you may stand up.
  • Leave the retrieval cord outside for ease of removal.
  • If you already learned to keep the balls inside for 10-15 minutes, you can start walking. With time, exercises can be more complicated: you may start walking faster, make turns, bends and squats.
  • Try by tensing your muscles move the balls inside.

Exercise for an optimal intimate training

The following recommendations will help you to properly arrange exercises, their order and duration:

  1. Try to squeeze the balls with the vaginal walls as hard as possible.
  2. Divide in your mind the pelvic floor muscles into three groups: lower muscles which «close off” the opening to vagina (these are the most developed muscles); middle are vaginal muscles themselves (the aim of exercises is a complete control over the movements and sensitivity); the third group of muscles is located in the uterine cervix area.
  3. When you inserted the balls, make attempts to hold them inside by tensing the first group muscles.
  4. Make a deep breath and tense the second group muscles, squeezing the balls. Then, using the muscles of both groups, try to move the balls to the left and to the right and up and down. To do this, you should squeeze the balls with different degree of intensity by different muscle groups.
  5. When you learn how to use the muscles of the first two groups, you will learn to use and feel the upper vaginal muscles.
  6. Make exercises every day to reach a better result and gradually increase the duration, starting with 5-10 minutes and finally, exercising for several hours.

Purchase tips

Ben-Wa Balls are an intimate and delicate thing and you should be serious about its purchasing. The most important question is where to buy kegel balls. We recommend to buy kegel balls in the drug stores or specialized shops (sex-shops). Do not buy Chinese kegel balls by unknown manufactures as it may be harmful to your health. The material of bad quality may cause allergy and development of disorders in the intimate area. The price is also important: do not save on this purchase as a high price is usually the sign of a good quality. The price for the kegel balls may be found on the web.


Ben-Wa Balls are extremely beneficial for a woman. However there are certain contraindications:

never use kegel balls if you have any inflammatory or infectious pelvic floor disorders; during a post-operative period; if you are allergic to the material of the balls; it is not allowed to use the kegel balls during pregnancy and after the childbirth (for, at least, 30 days). Never use the balls anally!