Benefits and risks of frequent sex

Sex does not only a demonstration of love and affection between two people and not only the source of emotional satisfaction and psychoemotional relaxation. Sex is a very important process with a complicated mechanism of impact on a human body. The level of hormones changes during sex, blood pressure increases, heartbeats and respiration become more rapid. What is a pleasure for people who are in love, is a serious job for the body. It is no wonder, people have always needed sex for the reproduction of future generation and this is one of the main instincts of all living beings. Some people, thinking about all these issues, can face a question whether frequent sex has risks for the health and how often they should have sex.

Negative effects of frequent sex

It is not proved yet that frequent sex has a negative impact on the body. However, moderation and right balance is the key to success in all spheres of life including sex. How often should a woman or a man have sex? The answer is simple and it will make many people happy – have sex as much as you want to. There is an opinion, that sex, at least, three times a week is the most optimal number. However, we can not name certain figures because everything is individual and each person has his or her own sex demands. Be aware, though, that if you completely resign to the power of passion, you may face some problems:

  1. First of all, in the group of risk are the people who often have sex with different partners. They risk of getting sexually transmitted infections, the treatment is quite unpleasant and costly. Have sex with a reliable partner, then a large number of sexual acts is not going to pose a threat to your health;
  2. Injury is one more unpleasant complication of frequent sex. Clearly, one can be injured having sex once a month but when a man and a woman have sex several times a day, the factor of a usual physical fatigue plays a great role. The slightest wrong movement of any of the partners can lead to a painful outcome and that is the harmful effect of frequent sex;
  3. Due to a lot of sexual acts, the glands producing the secret, gradually reduce  the amount of the secret. It can damage the skin of the penis and injure the vaginal mucous membrane. Vaginal dryness is the factor explaining the dangers of sex in postmenopause.
  4. Our studies, job and bringing up children negatively affect our nervous system which can be developed into a chronic fatigue. And demands of a partner to have more frequent sex only aggravate the situation, making us irritable. So, emotional and psychological well-being of a woman defines how often a woman should have sex. This is all true for a man as well. Having sex just because you do not want to upset your partner is not good for a marital life.

Positive effects of frequent sex

Luckily to all those who really love sex, the benefits of regular intercourse outweigh any possible negative consequences. Frequent safe sex has a positive effect on many important functions of our body making us feel better and more energetic:

  • Everyone has heard many stories about men (usually, middle-aged or elderly) who had a heart attack or blood stroke right during sex. So many are worried by the question whether frequent sex is bad for men, especially mature men who have some problems with the heart. Scientists proved that regular sex life is good for male’s heart and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Heart attack during sex is often provoked not by the intercourse itself but by other factors, for example, the use of Viagra and similar drugs;
  • The benefit of regular sex is better microcirculation in the organs and tissues and low risk of thrombosis;
  • Endorphins, which are actively produced during sex, help to fight pain. Of course, it is unlikely that sex will relieve traumatic pain but headache is not the reason to avoid sex despite a widespread belief. Sex can be an effective way to relieve painful PMS in women;
  • It is difficult to overestimate the role of a good sex in improving our mood. Sex relieves irritation and nervousness, gives us more energy and reduces fatigue. After making love and receiving a pleasure from being so close to a person you love, we can positively answer the question whether frequent sex is good;
  • Regular sex influences our appearance almost as our visits to a beauty parlor. Having an active sex life, the skin is free from acne and the complexion, hair and nails become better. The desire of women to look gorgeous and sexually attractive partly defines how often a woman should have sex. Do not forget, that with sex quality is much more important than quantity;
  • Good body tone and being physically fit is one more factor contributing to the advantages of regular sex. During an intercourse, many muscles are involved and the load on them is equal the load during an intensive cardio training. People who often have sex and do I t with pleasure, look fit and younger;
  • Regular sex enhances the immune system and resistance of the body to infections. It is explained by the fact that when making love, immunoglobulins are produced more actively.

The results of the studies show that people having an active sex life and regularly receiving pleasure in bed, feel more confident in other spheres of life.

Harmonious intimacy contributes to a career growth and improves mental capacity. Desire and physical capacities are the main factors defining how often a woman and a man should have sex.