What is the best age for sex?

Young people and their parents are worried at what age is it ok to have the first sex. It is a well-known fact that formation of personality ends at 18-20 years old in girls and 3-4 years later in boys. This is the age when it is recommended to start sex life.

The main reasons why this age is optimal:

  • A person is physically completely formed (girls have regular periods);
  • A person realizes his or her responsibility for his or her actions;
  • Pregnancy and delivery will not cause any physical damage to a woman and her baby (the risk is minimal);
  • Abstinence until this age does not have any negative impact on the health of boys and girls.

We should mention professional sportsmen separately. They are not allowed to start sex life until 22-25 years old because they spend so much energy that sex will decrease their productivity during training and decrease the chances for success. It is also recommended to avoid sex a week and week and a half before the competition to conserve the energy.

Can it be too early or too late for sex?

In our society, there is a steady decline in the age when teenagers have their first sex. They do not learn at what age they can have sex and start their sex lives too early that leads to certain consequences.

Why you should not hurry to lose your virginity:

  1. Pregnancy (and all the following consequences);
  2. Psychological instability;
  3. Failure during the first sex (the younger the partners, the higher the risk of a failure. In future, young people begin to thin that sex is bad);
  4. Early sex can be a reason of a psychological trauma;
  5. Sexually transmitted infections because young people are unaware of this and of contraception;
  6. Cervical cancer (studies proved that early sex life increases the risk of this pathology).

It is not enough to find out from what age it is ok to have sex. It is also not desirable to start sex life late. Why you should not delay your first sexual experience:

  • Inferiority complex;
  • Lack of orgasm;
  • Hormonal imbalance in women;
  • Various sexual disorders (sexual failure expectation syndrome);
  • Ovarian and pelvic diseases caused by congestive phenomenon.

Choose the right balance when to start sex life taking into account recommendations of gynecologists, sexual health specialists and psychologists.

When is it allowed to have sex legally?

Constitutions in different countries set the age when each person can give his or her consent for a sexual intercourse. This is the age of consent and it is different in different countries.

The majority of Constitutions set 14-16 years old but in some countries it can be 12 years old (Mexico) and 20 years old (Tunisia). Some countries do not set the age of consent because it is necessary to get married to start sex life. In Russia, Ukraine and almost all CIS countries, the age of consent is 16 years old. There are nuances in legislations of some countries referring to sexual minorities, different types of a sexual intercourse or people of certain professions (teachers, doctors, family members etc.).

Responsibility for violation of this law depends on the country and on the age of a person. Thus, punishment for sex with a 14-year-old or a 5-year-old person will be much different.