How to increase clitoral sensitivity?

Female clitoris is considered to be the most sensitive zone. If many women have difficulties with a vaginal orgasm, it is much easier for them to reach a clitoral orgasm and the intensity of sensations is just the same. However, sometimes a woman may feel that clitoral stimulation during sex with the partner or masturbation does not bring the expected effect. There are many predisposing factors and many ways to increase clitoral sensitivity.

Common causes of clitoral sensitivity loss

It is critically important to answer the question whether you reached a clitoral orgasm before. If you have never experienced a clitoral orgasm and oral sex or masturbation do not arouse you and you do not have pleasant feelings, several explanations may be given:

  • Hormonal imbalance. The lack of female sex hormones (most often estrogens) leads to decreasing the sensitivity in the genitals and to low libido. In this case, it is recommended to consult a thyroid specialist and take hormonal treatment. When the number of female hormones will be optimal, a woman may reach a vaginal orgasm;
  • clitoral sensitivity

  • If additionally to low clitoral sensitivity you are worried about the lack of sexual desire, have discomfort during or after a sexual intercourse, you do not get pleasure from the prelude, kisses and oral sex, you should visit a sexual health specialist to find out the reasons;
  • Very often a woman is not in the mood for sex or masturbation. Thoughts about family or work problems, worries about everyday routine significantly decrease the effectiveness of the erogenous zones stimulation. A long prelude, relaxing massage and complete concentration on pleasant sensations will be helpful for increasing clitoral sensitivity;
  • If there is no trust and tenderness between the partners, then clitoral stimulation will not give  the expected satisfaction;
  • In some cases, a physiological factor plays a key role. Too big clitoral hood makes it impossible to stimulate the clitoris and a woman does not feel any arousal or pleasure. Surgical interference may help to increase clitoral sensitivity. During an operation, a surgeon makes a horizontal incision on the lower clitoral hood and setback the clitoris slightly higher with a few sutures (clitoropexy). After the surgery, the clitoris is available for stimulation.

Loss of clitoral sensitivity as a result of masturbation

If before you reached the orgasm without any problems, stimulating your clitoris and now feel that the sensations are not that intensive or you do not get satisfaction at all, it may be caused by too frequent masturbation. This is especially true for women who enjoy a shower spray for masturbation. After such stimulation, the clitoris loses its sensitivity for some time due to a strong force of the water spray. As a rule, this problem is gone in a couple of days.

Stimulation of new erogenous zones, smoother but frequent clitoris stimulation during sex is the answer to the question how to enhance clitoral sensitivity. Also be aware of your female hormones balance and psycho-emotional state during an intercourse.

In some situations, female clitoris loses its sensitivity especially when a woman uses a shower spray for masturbation. And there is nothing strange in it. Imagine that someone shouts right in your ear, clearly, you will lose hearing for some time. Just the same happens with the clitoris. Frequent masturbation leads to the less sensitive clitoris.

Typically the clitoris sensitivity returns in a couple of days without any additional measures. Physiological characteristics may also be the reason that the clitoris is not sensitive enough, for example, when a woman has a large hood. In this case, clitoral sensitivity may be restored only  with surgery to reduce a clitoral hood.

Frequent clitoris stimulation during masturbation may deprive a woman of satisfaction from sex with a man, so try not to masturbate too often. A woman may try to use a dildo for masturbation without touching her clitoris.

During a sex intercourse, a man never touches the clitoris with his penis as the clitoris is 1-2 cm away from the vagina. The clitoris is only jerked a little because it is attached to the labia minora.

To increase the clitoral sensitivity, try to avoid touching the clitoris, experiment with new erogenous zones for masturbation, for example, labia minora, vaginal opening.