Condom Broke! What to do?

A condom remains the most popular contraception protecting against sexually transmitted diseases and being an effective birth control method. However, even condoms have drawbacks, for example, they can break during an intercourse.

Why does a condom break?

  • A condom is expired;
  • Improper storage of a condom;
  • Haphazard opening of a package or you put it on in a wrong way;
  • Use of a condom without any lubricant (but you can not use condoms and oil-based lubricants together);
  • Too small or too big condom (too big condom can slip off and too small can easily break).

You will never be able to see during sex whether a condom broke or not. Any actions like blowing air in it or filling it with water will only increase the risk of a condom break, so never do it before sex.

But after an intercourse, you can check the condom with the help of this methods to understand whether the condom broke.

What should a woman do if the condom broke

  1. First of all, a woman should stand up so that the sperm flows out of the vagina and does not reach the fallopian tubes with the egg.
  2. Next, she should thoroughly wash her genitals with soap (it makes sense only in the first 10 minutes after sex). This help to kill the sperm which does not yet move to the fallopian tubes and is still in the vagina during this period.
  3. In the first hour after sex, douching with a vinegar-water solution (be very careful and do not make the solution strong to avoid burns of the genitals mucous membrane) will create an unfavorable environment for the sperm and it will lose their motility.
  4. The most effective method to prevent spontaneous pregnancy is emergency contraceptive pills. They should be taken in the first 72 hours after sex.

Depending on what worries a woman more, pregnancy or infection, it is more effective to have a douching and use emergency contraceptive pills.

What should a man do if the condom broke

  • First of all, urinate to eliminate most of the pathogenic flora.
  • Thoroughly wash external genitals with soap to completely kill infectious agents.

Preventive measures

  1. Visiting a doctor is the best preventive measure, especially if you do not fully trust your partner. Go to a doctor in a week after sex.
  2. If you suspect any serious disease (HIV, syphilis or hepatitis), in 3 weeks after sex, it is necessary to take laboratory tests. Remember that if you are not sure about your health, avoid sex.

What should you do if the condom stuck in the vagina

Sometimes a condom breaks, slips off and is left inside the vagina. Our advice to women: do not panic and act calmly and carefully. Never use any objects to remove the condom, for example, tweezers or alike. A woman can get the condom herself but it will be more convenient for her if she asks her partner to do it. A man should wash his hands with soap before doing it to prevent infection.

How to remove a condom:

  1. A woman is lying on her back with her legs wide apart.
  2. As a condom usually in the vagina near the uterus neck, a man should deeply insert two fingers into the vagina and feel the condom.
  3. When a man found it, he should slowly and carefully pull it out.

Sometimes a condom leaks right into the uterus and in this case, you will not be able to pull it out yourself. Your gynecologist will help you to remove the condom without damaging the mucous membrane. Do not delay your visit to a specialist as a foreign object inside your body can cause inflammations and damage soft tissues of female genitals.

To avoid a condom breaking, strictly follow the instructions on how to open the package and put the condom on.

Buy condoms only in drug stores, choose condoms of proper size and pay attention to the expiration date. Despite all the measures you can take in this situation, you can not completely avoid the risk of pregnancy and infection.