How to Choose the Best Condom Size

Condoms are a barrier method of contraception. It is a latex sheath to put on a man’s penis before an intercourse. Buying condoms, you should know how to choose the size of a condom properly and many other things.

What you should pay attention to when choosing condoms:

  • expiration date;
  • type of a condom (there is a great variety of condoms);
  • shape of a condom;
  • size of a classic condom;
  • package integrity.

Buy condoms only in drug stores. Before buying a condom, make sure you know the sizes of condoms and which one will match you.

Also, there are different functional classes of condoms:

  1. Oral. These condoms are of a standard or minimal thickness. They often have different flavors. Let a woman choose a condom as it is mostly used for fellatio.
  2. Anal. The condoms are smooth and relatively thick for a better protection. These condoms are very durable.
  3. Vaginal. These condoms have a standard thickness and buying them a man should know how to choose the size of a condom.


How to choose the size of a condom correctly?

Men are worried about the size of their penis and they are sure that choosing a condom its length plays the most important role. It is wrong because the size of a condom is measured by a penis girth.

A standard size of a condom in length is 18-21cm but it means absolutely nothing. Such length will be just right even for a man with an exceptionally big penis, but the girth can be different. A too big  condom will slip off and can even get stuck in the vagina and a too small condom will break easily.

All barrier contraceptives have a standard size according to the girth of a penis.

Table of condom sizes

Size of a condom Penis girth (cm)
47 (S) 9,5 — 10
49 (M) 10– 10, 5
53 (L) 11 – 11,5
57 (XL) 11,5 — 12
60 (XXL) 12 — 13
64 (XXXL) 13 — 14
69 (Extra-large) 14 — 15

Let a man choose a condom because he better knows the size of his penis, sizes of condoms and which one will match him. A woman should have (just in case) a condom of a standard size.

How do you know the size of a condom?

To buy a condom of a size you need, find out the girth of your penis. You will need a ruler and a sheet of paper. Take measurements when your penis is fully erect.

  • Using a stripe of paper, fix the size at the base of the penis head;
  • Make measurements at the shaft base;
  • Finally, measure the penis right in the middle;
  • Write down the results of measurements in figures;
  • Then you need ti calculate arithmetic average of these three measurement results.

As the penis is not an ideal geometric object, the result will not be 100% accurate but it is enough to match the right size of a condom.