Do women like oral sex?

The question whether women like oral sex is a delicate one. Oral sex means a physical, spiritual and emotional bond between the partners. According to the study results from the University of Chicago, the majority of men (85%) like oral sex not only because of pleasant sensations but due to psychological factor. Men think that a blowjob is a sign that a woman trusts and loves him.

Women’s attitude to oral sex also depends on the psychological bond with the partner. A girl will never enjoy a blowjob if she does it not on her own initiative or she is disgusted. According to the statistics of the Center for Sexual Health promotion in Indiana, around 55% of women like sex, 25% are neutral to it and do it only because a man insists on it and for 20% of women oral sex is unacceptable. The results of the surveys and studies show that oral sex (fellatio) is ok for 35-65%  and  70-80% of women do it.

Statistics shows that the majority of people find oral sex abnormal and improper, even if they do not have any prejudices about sex. Mainly, it is explained by the feeling of disgust or fear to be misunderstood by the partner. Statistically, 97-98% of men wish a woman swallowed the sperm. However, only 20% of women are ready for it and the other 80% find it disgusting.

Women’s attitude to oral sex depends on many factors:

  • embarrassment;
  • failed first experience;
  • aggressiveness of the partner;
  • psychological and emotional incompatibility;
  • lack of trust.

According to the data of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, 98% of men like both traditional and oral sex; and only 30% of women find both types of sex good.

The question whether women like oral sex is relevant today and frequently discussed on the Internet forums. Trust, mutual respect and understanding between the partners are the key factors and only due to close emotional bond, the partners will reach sexual harmony.