Potential health risk of sex during period

Many girls want to know whether they can have sex during their period. For many couples, sex during period is unacceptable. However, we should note that sex during these days can be incredibly passionate.

Sex during period is safe unless a woman has inflammations and her partner sexually transmitted infections. Potential health risks are the following:

  • Endometritis (inflammation of the uterine lining). The risk to get infected during period is higher due to physiological peculiarities of a female body. During period, the uterine neck opens a bit and pathogenic bacteria have an easier access to the uterine.
  • Infection. Many people think that they can have sex during period without a condom and that is why they often get infected with sexually transmitted diseases (trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, chlamydial infections) and fungal infections. Besides, blood is a the most favorable environment for viral and bacterial propagation.
  • Bleeding is one more reason explaining why sex during period can be dangerous. During an intercourse, the mucous membrane and vessels can be injured as they are more sensitive during period.
  • Pregnancy. It is a myth that a woman can not get pregnant during her periods. The chances to get pregnant are low but still we can not ignore the risk. The body of each woman is individual: some have ovulation in 6-8 days after period. Besides, the sperm remains active for 5-6 days after an intercourse and sex shortly after period can lead to pregnancy.

Why a woman wants sex before her period? It can be explained by hormonal changes in a woman body several days before her period. The level of testosterone increases and the level of estrogen and progesterone becomes lower. Some women have an increased sex drive during their period and they want to have sex.

Benefits of sex during period

Sex during period has a number of advantages:

  1. Sex relieves pain caused by the released hormones.
  2. Sex decreases the duration of a menstrual cycle. Uterine muscle contractions provoke quicker release of endothelium.
  3. A woman is more sensitive during her period and sex is usually really very good.
  4. Variety which improves sex life.


Before having sex during period, read our recommendations:

  • Observe intimate hygiene: wash the genitals before sex;
  • Use condoms;
  • Use positions without deep penetration;
  • Consult a gynecologist if you have discomfort and pain after sex.