Why do men need an erection ring?

This is a sex toy and is used for enhancing and prolonging erection in men. A cock ring slows the flow of blood from the erect penile tissue. This helps to enhance erection and to make an intercourse longer.

The use of erection rings is indicated for men who have erectile function disorders or for older men. However, a ring can be used by any man who wants to give pleasure to his woman (ribbed erection rings are available).

Cock rings are made of:

  • leather;
  • plastic;
  • silicone;
  • metal;
  • rubber.

Some of the rings have vibrators and some are adjustable. Erection ring can also be used for vaginal stimulation. For this purpose, dotted and studded rings have been designed.

Types of cock rings

  1. Textured

A woman knows well why she needs a cock ring because she gets a lot of pleasure from using a ring enhancing her sensations. Such rings can be worn around both the penis and the scrotum. If you use a ring, it is necessary to use a lubricant as well.
textured erection ring

  1. Lasso

Here you should know how to put a ring on the penis. A man can tighten the lasso ring as much as he needs and wants. Some models can be worn around the scrotum to slow down the ejaculation. The main advantage of this type of the ring is that it is fully adjustable.

  1. Magnetic

This type of rings is suitable for men having problems with sexual arousal because this cock ring is used to enhance erection. Magnets stimulate the blood flow and cavernous bodies are filled with blood. As the veins are constricted by a ring, erection is not only enhanced but also prolonged. The magnets are located all around the ring.

  1. Vibrating ring

There are several answers what are the vibrating cock rings for. These rings give several effects:

  • enhance erection;
  • make sex last longer;
  • stimulate the clitoris and vagina.

This type of rings gives the most thrilling sensations during sex.

How to use an cock ring?

Choosing this sex toy, learn how to use it so that not to hurt yourself and your partner. These are the simple rules explaining how to put on a ring on the penis.

  1. Wash and sterilize the ring before use.
  2. Never use a self-made cock ring as it can cause injuries of the penis.
  3. Do not use the ring for more than half an hour. Using it for a longer time is dangerous for your health.
  4. Putting on a ring on the penis, pay attention to any changes in your sensations. Any discomfort and pain are the signs to stop using the ring.
  5. If you do not know how to use cock rings, choose rings made of soft materials so that not to hurt yourself.
  6. There are several ways to put on a ring depending on its model:
  • on the penis;
  • on the scrotum (rarely);
  • on the penis and on the scrotum.

Before using a ring, make sure you know how to put the cock ring on.

  1. It is recommended to use a lubricant but do not use it too much otherwise, a cock ring will slip off.
  2. Before using a cock ring during sex, try it first yourself during masturbation to see how it works.
  3. Hard cock rings are worn before the erection and when the penis is fully erect they can cause discomfort, so use such rings with much care.
  4. Be very careful if you use a cock ring with male or female condoms as there is a risk to damage the condoms.

Are erection rings harmful?

If you ignore safety rules, you can face several complications from using a cock ring:

  • priapism (a painful medical condition in which the erect penis does not return to its flaccid state for several hours);
  • hematoma (caused by the injuries of the walls of venous vessels);
  • penile necrosis and gangrene (this happens if a man wore a cock ring for a long time. This leads to impaired blood and oxygen supply of the penis).

Cock rings are safe if you a[ply the rules on the use and be attentive to your own sensations.