Female G-Spot

Men are never tired to find new ways to give a woman pleasure, to reveal new sexual sensations and bring something new to their sex life. A particularly exciting thing for men is the G-spot stimulation.

Some women think that the G-spot is an absolute guarantee to reach orgasm and they know for sure how to find G-spot. Others believe that the G-spot is just a myth created by sensual women and boastful men. As everyone is so enthusiastic about it, researchers conducted several studies. They were looking for the G-spot in women on physiological level and tried to identify its functions.

Anatomical and physiological characteristics of the G-spot

The G-spot in women is a small area which is located 2-4 cm up the front vaginal wall. A German gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg was the first to find and describe the G-spot in women. This was he who detected its location. Specialists in sexology carried out a number of studies and proved that the G-spot in women is not a separate organ. To a certain degree, we can call it a female prostate. The appearance of the G-spot in women can be explained by embryogenesis.

During the first month and a half of intrauterine development, Y-chromosome does not have any influence on organs and tissues. It means that male and female reproductive systems are formed from the same cells. The G-spot in women is developed due to unused cells which would form the prostate in a male organism. The area where the G-spot is located is small and it is explained by the fact that the vagina is a part of the birth canal and its excessive innervation would make the process of a childbirth intolerably painful. The G-spot has the following anatomical and physiological characteristics:

  • A small size of the area where the G-spot is located does not impact the pain syndrome during a child birth;
  • Innervation of the area where the G-spot is located provides better sensitivity and quick orgasm;
  • The intensity of sensations from the G-spot massage is very individual;
  • The area where the G-spot is located is determined by anatomic characteristics of the vagina and can be located 2-4 cm higher or lower.

How to find the G-spot?

There is no clear instruction for finding the G-spot. You and your partner decide for yourself when and how it will happen. It is not difficult to find the G-spot in women:

  1. It is much easier to do when a woman is aroused because the G-spot can be easily distinguished from delicate surrounding tissues of the vagina;
  2. Thoroughly wash your hands before touching a woman’s G-spot with your finger to prevent infection;
  3. The best position for finding the G-spot is when a woman lies on her back with her legs wide apart;
  4. Carefully insert two fingers into the vagina. The area where the G-spot is located is about 2-4 cm up the vaginal opening. However, it may be located higher than that;
  5. Examine the front vaginal wall, right under the pubic bone. This area is not very sensitive, so do not afraid to press on it. Do not hesitate to ask a woman about her sensations and let her direct you in a more oriented way;
  6. Pressing the G-spot can be unpleasant for a girl first and make her feel the urge to urinate. However, a correct G-spot massage gradually increases her sex drive and a woman begins to  enjoy it;
  7. Study the photos to know for sure where the G-spot located in women;

G-spot massage

When a man finds the G-spot, he wants to learn to give a woman pleasure. Correct stimulation of this area gives women a very strong orgasm:

  • A key to successful G-spot massage is trust in relations and a longer foreplay;
  • When a woman is relaxed enough, insert two fingers into her vagina (2-4cm) and carefully find and touch a hard spot;
  • Your finger movements should be slow first. When a woman gets turned on, move quicker. Before the orgasm, you will feel the swelling of the G-spot;
  • You can do the G-spot massage during vaginal sex. The size of the penis is not important here, just find a convenient position;
  • In sex shops, you can find a great variety of toys for G-spot stimulation;
  • If you better acquire information visually, watch a video about G-spot massage.