Types of female orgazm

Orgasm is the highest point or peak, a culmination of a sexual arousal which brings satisfaction and pleasure. After an orgasm all the tension is released and a relaxing sensation appears. Orgasm is a way to relieve physical and psychological tension.

Unlike men, there are several types of female orgasms due to the physiological characteristics of a woman’s body:

  • Clitoral;
  • Vaginal;
  • Uterine.

Clitoral orgasm

Vaginal and clitoral orgasms differ a lot. A clitoral orgasm is a pleasure derived from the stimulation of the clitoris. This is the most common type of an orgasm and it is easier to reach the vaginal orgasm than the clitoral one. It is explained by the fact that clitoris is an extremely sensitive part of a woman’s body and one of the most sensitive erogenous zones.

The best sex positions to reach a clitoral orgasm is when a man is in front of a woman or under her. Additional clitoris stimulation will help to have the orgasm even easier.

Vaginal orgasm. Reasons why a woman does not have it


Vaginal orgasm is the type of an orgasm when a woman receives pleasure through stimulation of an area in the anterior vaginal wall. This orgasm is not considered to be common as they believe it is not that easy to reach it. A woman may not have a vaginal orgasm due to the following reasons:

  • Physiological and anatomical features of the vagina.
  • Weakness or low tone of the pelvic muscles;
  • The size of a partner’s penis is not big enough;
  • Expansion of the vaginal walls.
  • How to have a vaginal orgasm: best sex positions

    Many men are worried why a woman can not finish in bed and how to make her have a vaginal orgasm. To understand it, a man should be aware of the following:

    • There are not so many extremely sensitive areas inside the vagina, so a female vaginal orgasm is possible only due to those areas which have a great number of receptors and nerve endings.
    • These areas are located near the vagina. They are the root of the clitoris and the so-called G-spot (Gräfenberg spot) which is 2-3 cm into the vagina on the anterior wall. So, it is necessary to stimulate these areas.

    There are the best sex positions to reach a vaginal orgasm:

    • “Crawl”. A woman is standing on her knees on a bed and her partner is behind her.
    • “Futon”. A woman is lying on her back holding up her legs with men’s shoulders.
    • The following position is also good to stimulate sensitive areas: a woman is lying on the bed, a pillow is under her backside and she is wrapping her legs around his waist.

    Vaginal orgasm technique

    Vaginal orgasm lasts longer and brings relaxation, relieves pelvic stagnant condition, reduces the risk of cancer development. That is why it is so important for a woman to have this type of an orgasm. There is a special vaginal orgasm technique: during his frictions a man should press the penis glans closely to the vaginal anterior wall and a woman should squeeze and unsqueeze the penis with her vaginal muscles.

    What effects a vaginal orgasm has on the body

    Vaginal orgasm is extremely beneficial for the whole body. If a woman does not have a sexual intercourse for quite a long time and does not have a sexual satisfaction, there is a risk of developing various disorders, she is more susceptible to stress and she experiences psychological and emotional tension.

    Uterine orgasm

    Uterine orgasm is reached due to the stimulation of the uterine cervix by a man’s penis. The uterus contracts from its bottom and then spreading to the whole body. This is a long-lasting orgasm as the contractions may last when a penis is not inside the vagina. To reach such orgasm a deep penetration is necessary, we recommend the following positions:

    • Missionary position with a twist: a woman pulls her knees to her chest and holds them up with man’s shoulders. The vagina is getting smaller and a deep penetration is reached;
    • A woman is on top face-to-face with her partner. A woman puts her hands and knees on either side of his torso and bending she stands on her knees. A man should bend his knees;
    • A woman is in a knee-elbow position, a man stands behind her. He should raise her legs and a woman should wrap the waist of her partner with her legs.


    Anorgasmia or difficulties with orgasm is a frequent problem among many women. It may be caused by various psychological factors: unhappy first sexual experience and unpleasant memories related to it, antipathy to a partner, too strict parenting in her childhood, unawareness of her erogenous zones and sexual reactions. It is necessary to consult a sexual health specialist to treat anorgasmia.