G-spot stimulation

Active stimulation of erogenous zones during sex is a guaranty of bright, breathtaking sensations and a longer orgasm. Female erogenous zones are clitoris, nipples, earlobes, neck and the G-spot. Of course, every woman has her own unique erogenous zones. Correct stimulation of the G-spot makes the orgasm more intensive. It will be beneficial for a man to know how to take advantage of this part of a female body to give her pleasure.

Effective stimulation of the G-spot

You do not have to be a master of sex to learn to stimulate the G-spot. You need to know where it is located and choose the best way for stimulation. The G-spot is located on the anterior vaginal wall 2-5cm above the opening (in some women it can be a bit higher or lower). It is a bit harder to the touch than the surrounding tissues. If a woman is aroused, it is even easier to find the spot as it is enlarged. The spot is located very conveniently and you can massage the G-spot in various ways:

  1. Masturbation with G-spot stimulation. Wash your hand and apply some lubricant on your fingers. Insert your index finger into the vagina and find the G-spot. At first, touches and pressings can make you feel the need to pee or cause discomfort. It is normal, so keep on your movements and soon you will feel arousal and bright and pleasant sensations. Relax and think about something that arouses you when you are making a self-massage of the G-spot;
  2. Your partner can stimulate the female G-spot during a foreplay. Lie down on your stomach and your partner is behind you. A man inserts one or two fingers 2-5cm inside the vagina and having found the spot he starts to touch it slowly with his fingers. Watch your woman to know for sure if you are doing it right. A man can experiment with intensity of his touches. To be more confident, watch some videos how to massage G-spot correctly;
  3. Sometimes, a G-spot massage does not bring an expected result. In this case, stimulate the clitoris before after the massage to wake up the G-spot;
  4. The G-spot is not always involved in vaginal sex and for this reason, many women can not reach the orgasm and they need clitoris stimulation for this. There are special sex positions for a G-spot stimulation when the penis touches the anterior wall of the vagina. Classical missionary position is not good for a stimulation;

Each couple has their own best position for a G-spot stimulation because the anatomical constitution of the vagina is different in each woman. The most suitable positions for a G-spot stimulation are a cow girl position, knee-elbow position and when a woman is lying on her back with her legs resting on man’s shoulders. Choose the position depending on your preferences and physical abilities. In special literature or on the Internet you can find photos of positions for a G-spot stimulation.

G-spot stimulation with toys for adults

A great variety of toys in sex shops is another good way to stimulate the G-spot. There are a lot of toys designed specially for this purpose and even the most conservative couple will not stay indifferent. Use these toys if you still did not learn how to stimulate the G-spot correctly.

  • The most popular thing among women is a G-spot vibrator. Thanks to its curved shape it provides a very effective stimulation. Vibrators have several speed and intensity modes. It is an ideal choice for women who do not know how to wake up their G-spot;
  • You can also buy a stimulator with a clitoris stimulation. This toy will give you a double pleasure;
  • Traditional vaginal sex will be even more pleasurable with adult toys. Use a vibrator during a foreplay or oral sex;
  • Using stimulators, you do not have to think much about a good position for a G-spot stimulation. Their shape will give a woman a very strong orgasm in any position;
  • Before using sex toys, read the instruction how to stimulate the G-spot correctly. Always wash your stimulator to prevent infection;
  • Share your pleasure with your partner by choosing a stimulator for both of you. They are rather expensive but simultaneous orgasm is really worth the price.