How to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Today there are a lot of ways to fill your intimate life with passion, tenderness and romance. The  most popular and effective ways to spice up your sex routine are:

  • Change of place and atmosphere;
  • New positions;
  • Sex toys, fetishes and special condoms.

Sex in unusual places

Sex in an unusual place helps to refresh the feelings and spice up your sex life. Feeling danger and fear to be caught adds excitement. The most suitable places are:

  • A beach;
  • A roof of a high-rise building;
  • An elevator;
  • A library or a cinema;
  • Sauna;
  • Office;
  • Public toilet;
  • A car;
  • A forest, park or field.

Besides, sex in an unusual place is a chance to experiment with new sex positions or to have an oral sex:

  • “The padlock”: a woman sits on the edge of a stand, table, banisters etc. and supports herself with the arms behind her. He stands before her and she wraps her legs firmly around his hips. This position is good to practice in a public toilet, library, office or on a hood.
  • «Rodeo»: a man sits with his legs wide apart and supports himself with the arms behind him. A woman is on top wrapping her partner’s waist with her legs; a woman controls the speed and direction of the movements. This position is convenient to practice in a toilet, on a beach or on a roof.
  • «A peak of pleasure»: a man stands on the floor and picks a woman up, a woman wraps his buttocks with her legs or hold her legs on his shoulders. Try this position in an elevator, office, library or toilet.

How to change sex routine in a bedroom?

sex routine

You do not need to leave your home to improve sex quality. How can you change your sex routine in your bedroom? Sometimes it is enough just to change the atmosphere: use silk bed linen, aromatic candles, rose petals and sensual music to create the atmosphere and add romance.

Before changing sex routine with your husband, learn about his preferences and fantasies. Treat your husband with a beautiful lace underwear or try a role play. You can use different costumes and accessories, demonstrate your acting skills: if you are usually shy, try to become a hot, passionate and dominant woman. Surprise your man with a striptease (you do not need to be a professional dancer, just watch some videos how to spice up sex routine and repeat what you see).

Popular sex toys

The problem how to spice up sex with a wife worries a lot of married men. Using various sex toys may be useful. The most popular are the following:

  1. Dildos (non-vibrating imitation of an erect penis, it is produced from different synthetic materials such as silicone, latex, acryl, plastic, and glass; the price depends on the material and the brand);
  2. Vibrators (there are combined, vaginal, clitoral, and anal);
  3. Ben Wa Balls (they are used for vaginal stimulation);
  4. Anal beads (latex or silicone balls attached together of various diameter; they are used for anal stimulation);
  5. Vibrating panties;
  6. Strapons (variety of a dildo which is panties with a penis).

Types of condoms

The condoms can also spice up your sex. There is a great variety of condoms: ribbed, dotted, studded, with spikes, florescent; having different colors, aromatic and flavored.

Tone maintenance in a sex life

The following things will help to maintain tone in a sexual life:

  • Watching erotic films together;
  • morning sex and spontaneous sex during a day;
  • Taking shower together.

To bring a piquancy to your relations, offer to your partner to make an adult movie. Such a bold experiment will bring your intimate life to a new level.

Psychological factor in a sexual life of partners

Psychological aspect plays a great role in an intimate life of partners.

Try to pay more attention to your partner:

  • Show your tender feelings by kissing and hugging;
  • Tell your partner what do you like in him or her more often;
  • Make compliments.

This makes the partners closer to each other, helps to trust them to each other more and fills their sexual relationships with new sensations.