How to use a Condom?

A condom is a reliable protection against sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. You should be aware how to put on a condom correctly not to break it. Any wrong action makes the contraceptive useless and it is better to notice it in time.

Instruction how to put on a condom correctly

    put on a condom

  • Check that the expiry date is clearly visible on the package and open it. Carefully tear the packet from the serrated zigzag edge.
  • To understand how to put on a condom , try to roll it down a bit. You will do it easily in one direction, but will not be able to roll it down in another direction. Check the teat of the condom, it should be inside out.
  • At this point you could squirt a little lubricant inside the tip — make sure it is not too much just to make sure the condom fits snugly.
  • It is correct to put on the condom over the completely hard penis but sometimes a partner is not yet aroused enough. In this case you can leave the open condom for some time with its teat facing up to put it on easily later. Make sure the penis is fully erect, otherwise the condom can break or slip during the intercourse.
  • Squeeze the teat end of the condom so there is no air trapped inside. The condom may be damaged if the air is trapped inside.
  • Squeezing the teat end of the condom, place it over the head of a completely hard penis. Then pull the foreskin a bit (if you are circumcised you do not need to do it) and carefully roll the condom all the way down the shaft. If some air bubbles are inside the condom, carefully smooth them down.
  • Apply some lubricant to avoid the damage of the condom. If you use natural latex condoms, never use the oil-based lubricant as it enhances the permeability of the material. Choose water-based lubricants.

It is also important to know how to put the condom off correctly :

  • As you need to put the condom off while the penis is still erect, make sure to take it off right after the ejaculation. If the condom slips off it may get stuck in the vagina.
  • Put the condom off carefully, so that none of the content spills out.
  • The last step is to tie a knot on the condom and throw it away. If you are not sure in the safety of the condom, check it by pouring some water in it.

To enhance your sensations, a girl may put on the condom with her mouth. It requires a bit of experience, so it is better to practice at first. Choose the aromatic condoms as the condoms with lubricant or spermicides have unpleasant taste. There are some tips, how to put on a condom with the mouth :

  • Opening the packet with your teeth, be very careful not to tear the condom.
  • Place the condom with the tip facing in into your mouth leaving the ring just in front of your teeth.
  • Use your tongue to apply pressure to the condom to the roof of your mouth so it does not fill with air.
  • Take the penis and pull the foreskin.
  • Wrap your lips around the head of the penis pressing the tip of the condom with your tongue.
  • Carefully roll the condom down the shaft, if necessary using your hands. Make sure your teeth do not scrape the condom.

To put on the condom that easily requires a bit of experience, so practice using the objects of a suitable form. While putting on the condom is a simple process, do not forget that only when you do it properly, sex will safe for both partners.