Male and Female Sex Injuries

Having sex with a person we love, we expect joyful and happy moments, the feeling of being close to our partner and, of course, a bright orgasm. However, making love we can face unexpected surprises. We can have embarrassing situations when sex is interrupted by a loud laughter of the partners but we can also face less funny situations. Hardly anyone is surprised today by sex injuries. An adult who is having an active sex life will remember, at least, one or several painful incidents which spoiled the process. So, what should we beware of and how to make sex safe for both partners?

Male sex injuries

Frequently, men take the initiative in bed and they are most active during sex. But their enormous passion and desire to give pleasure to a partner can lead to unpleasant consequences which discourage them from having sex:

  • Scratches are one of the most widespread sex injuries. Many men take it as a compliment to their mastery in bed and most often this is really so. While such injuries do not pose any danger, some men shrink at a touch to their back;
  • You can have bruising on the body and extremities having sex on a slippery surface or falling off a bed or a table;
  • Having a wild sex, a man can a frenulum tear which is very painful and is accompanied by heavy bleeding. If you managed to stop the bleeding, it does not mean that the problem is solved. You need to see a urologist to avoid abnormal healing with scars formation;
  • A very unpleasant consequence of aggressive and rude sex is a penile fracture or dislocation. It happens when a man’s precision let him down. If during active and fast frictions the penis catches on the pubic or hip bone, a fracture of the penis can occur. A man suffers pain and his penis becomes blue and swollen. Both penile fracture and dislocation require emergency medical help;
  • Injuries after oral sex also often occur. Sometimes, for several minutes of pleasure a man has to pay heavy price, healing his bite wounds. Usually, it happens when a woman abruptly interrupts the process. A man also risks injuring his penis pulling the girl’s hair. This is a painful injury accompanied by bleeding and swelling. It is necessary to visit a doctor immediately to prevent infection.

Female sex injuries

Women also face painful body injuries during sex. Female sex injuries can be divided into the following categories:

  1. Bites, kiss marks and bruising of soft tissues. These injuries are not dangerous for a woman’s health and occur due to enormous passion of a partner;
  2. Injuries of the body and extremities occur due to experiments with sex position and the place for making love;
  3. Lack of natural vaginal lubrication causes inflammation in the vaginal mucous membrane, pain and sensation of burning;
  4. Vaginal stretch and tearing caused by a bigger penis of the partner. This is the case when a big penis brings pain than pleasure. Vaginal tearing can occur if a man inserts his penis into the vagina too abruptly at the wrong angle. This is a painful condition and accompanied by bleeding. Such sex injury as vaginal tearing requires immediate medical assistance;
  5. Oral sex with an inexperienced partner can lead to clitoral injury. It happens when a man bites or stimulates the clitoris too intensively. A woman experiences severe pain, bleeding and hematoma. In this situation, immediately call an ambulance;
  6. Injuries during sex can be caused by toys for adults. Too large vibrators and incorrect use of various stimulators can injure the vagina or the clitoris.

Anal sex injuries

Anal sex can lead to painful, unpleasant and serious complications. You risk having anal sex injuries if you ignore the rules which allow receiving pleasure without any harm to your health.

Anal sex can have the following consequences:

  • A man has a greater risk to tear the frenulum, dislocate or fracture his penis during anal sex. The muscles of the rectum are more developed than vaginal muscles and the slightest incorrect movement can bring pain;
  • Never have anal sex without lubrication. A man can injure the skin on the penis and a woman the lining of the rectum;
  • If a man inserts his penis too abruptly and aggressively, it can lead to fissures and tears of the rectum. This is a very painful condition accompanied by bleeding and it requires immediate medical assistance;
  • Sphincter injury can lead to such an unpleasant problem as bowel incontinence in future.

How to avoid sex injuries?

Follow simple rules to enjoy sex and not worry about painful sex consequences:

  1. Be careful and with new sex positions. The slower the better;
  2. Having sex in new places, make sure the construction is durable enough. It will help you to avoid fractures and wounds;
  3. Always read instructions before using adult sex toys;
  4. Always have a lubricant in case there is a lack of natural lubrication;
  5. To avoid anal sex injuries, learn how to make it right and always have condoms and lubricants;
  6. If your partner is not experienced in oral sex, do not hurry him up. You will not get what you want in a hurry.

Any painful sensations of on of the partners are the signal to stop an intercourse. If pain persists for a long time, visit a doctor.