Types of intimate haircuts

Women know thousand of tricks how to be even more gorgeous. It is very important for them to be perfect from top to toe. A female intimate haircut is not only self-care but a chance to make this delicate part of her body a real work of art.

Intimate haircuts gained their popularity in the last century during the sexual revolution. If a woman does an intimate haircut, it does not mean she is vulgar and immoral. A woman does it to be satisfied with her own body and only then she thinks about her partner and his pleasure. If you want to bring something new to your own image, do a stylish intimate haircut yourself or in a beauty parlor.

Does it worth it?

Intimate zone care is a very personal thing so do not listen to the opinion of your friends or follow the latest trends. Choose something that fits you. It can be either bikini line design or common shaving for more conservative ladies. We recommend you to try an intimate haircut if:

  • you have a very sensitive skin and you want to have the area for removing unwanted hair as minimal as possible;
  • You feel uncomfortable with all the hair completely removed;
  • You want to make a surprise for your man;
  • You want to try something new and unusual, feel happy taking care of your own body;
  • You want visually correct your hips, belly or legs. A proper design can hide some minor defects.

Types of intimate  haircuts

Bikini line design does not restrict your imagination and having some instruments and basic drawing skills, you can create a unique work of art which will decorate your body. There are several types of female intimate haircuts:

  1. An intimate haircut when pubic hair is taken off the sides and the top (basic haircut);
  2. An intimate haircut when pubic hair is taken off the sides and the top, the outer lips, groin and perianal area (Brazilian);
  3. A colored intimate haircut: first, a Brazilian wax is done and then the hair is colored;
  4. A pubic hair landing strip.  It is where the hair on the pubic mons is trimmed into a narrow vertical strip and all other pubic hair is removed. The width of a strip can be any;
  5. An intimate haircut when a Brazilian wax is done first and then the hair is trimmed into narrow vertical strips in a form of a sun;
  6. Patterns for pubic hair styles: an intimate haircut fir tree, tulip, moon, heart, web, snowflake, candle, yin-yang and others.

pubic hair cut

You can add to all these pubic hair styles color, glitter, temporary tattoos, henna drawings and other variants of bikini line design. Do what you like and what makes you feel comfortable. It is very easy to change pubic hair styles, just wait for your hair to grow a bit and try something new.
pubic hair

How make an intimate haircut at home

To do an intimate haircut at home, make sure you have all the necessary things: a mirror, scissors, tweezers, a comb, eye or eyebrow pencil (preferably dark to see the contours better), some hair removal product, templates for intimate haircuts, and some antiseptic. Today special templates are available which make it easier to design an intimate area. With their help you can draw complicated things with a lot of detail.

To remove unwanted hair at home you can:

  • Shave it with a razor;
  • Remove it with an electric epilator;
  • Use wax;
  • Use sugaring for an intimate haircut;
  • Remove the hair with hair removal cream.

For a better effect, remained hair is removed with tweezers.

It is not difficult to do a female intimate haircut yourself. However, if you do it for the first time, it will require a lot of time and patience. Start with easy patterns, they look attractive and do not take much time and efforts. For better understanding, you can watch video lessons of intimate hairstyles online.

Follow our simple recommendations to do a good intimate hairstyle:

  1. Have a warm bath or a shower shortly before doing a haircut. It will make hair removal easier. You can also use scrub to remove dead skin;
  2. Before doing an intimate hairstyle, trim the hair with scissors to the same length. The optimal length is 5mm;
  3. Clearly run a contour of your pattern. If you do not use a ready pattern, try to draw a good pattern yourself from the first time;
  4. Remove all the hair beyond the pattern using the method which is the most convenient for you. If you see short hair, remove them with tweezers. Apply some aftershave product to prevent skin irritation.

Such patterns of a pubic hair design as a strip, a drop, a heart and other simple things are the easiest to do at home. If you want to have something more complicated, it is better to see a professional who will guarantee the best result.

Trimmer for an intimate haircut

A trimmer is a way out for those women who can not tolerate pain during sugaring or waxing or for those who have allergy to hair removal creams. Today, there is a great variety of trimmers for intimate hairstyles. Be aware that pubic hair trimmer and electric epilator are two different things. Trimmer does not remove all the hair completely. Usually, it leaves 1mm of hair. It will not give you an ideally smooth skin but it has other benefits:

  • Hair removal is painless;
  • It is cost effective: you do not need to buy new razors and other things;
  • No skin irritation;
  • Many devices are cordless so they are convenient to use;
  • Many trimmers can be safely used in the shower.

Buying a trimmer, choose a narrow blade device with attachments. Usually, trimmers are sold with a comb to align the hair length.