How to Choose a Lubricant?

sex lubricant

Vaginal lubrication is a natural element of a sexual intercourse. However, statistics indicate that the majority of women experience vaginal dryness. A woman feels discomfort during sex, she can not relax and enjoy, so a question arises what can replace natural lubrication. Lubricants are very wide-spread now, they help to remove the dryness and prevent the mucous membranes from injuries.

So, what is a lubricant, where one can buy them and is there anything to replace them with? A lubricant is a special synthetic or organic substance to apply during sex. It can be a gel or a cream and is applied on the genitals during sex to prevent dryness and for more slippery friction. A lubricant is most often used in a traditional sex when a girl lacks natural vaginal lubrication (it can be caused by her period, age, stress or fatigue) and in anal and oral sex.

There are several criteria to classify the lubricants.

Types of lubricants by composition

Depending on the base of a lubricant for sex, the following types are distinguished:

  • Water-based lubricant. Such lubricants are easy to apply, they can be used with condoms, do not contain latex and they are non-sticky. Their advantages are hypoallergenicity and that they can be used in all types of sex and with any sex toys. The disadvantage is that such lubricants quickly absorb and you’ll need to apply them again.
  • Silicone-based lubricant. This type of lubricants provides the best possible friction. The advantages: a silicone-based lubricant has a long-standing effect and it can be used for the sex in the shower. Disadvantages: it is not recommended to use this type of a lubricant with latex sex toys and toys containing porous materials.
  • Oil-based lubricant. Such lubricants can be used for a massage or anal sex without a condom as oil-based lubricants destroy almost all materials of sex toys and condoms excluding glass, metal and plastic. For these materials, an oil-based lubricant is the best.

Types of lubricants by the area of use

  1. Traditional sex. All types of silicone-based and water-based lubricants can be used for vaginal sex. Arousal lubricants are often used to increase the sex drive; prolonging lubricants help to make an intercourse longer and prevent premature ejaculation; spermicide gels reduce the risk of getting pregnant; aseptic lubes reduce the risk of infections. The leading producers of the best sex lubricants are Durex and Contex. On Internet you can find the catalog of Contex lubes in which the most popular vaginal lubricants are shown: intimate gel-lube “Contex Green”, gel lubricant “Contex Long Love” with cooling effect, gel lubricant “Contex silk” and others. Gel lubricant Feberlic also has a good feedback on Internet.
  2. Anal sex. Anal lubricant is a special intimate lube for anal sex, making it easy for a partner to penetrate into the anus. It is thick and has a long-lasting effect. As anal sex is almost impossible without a lube, a question arises: what lubricant is better for anal sex? The best option is anesthetic lube (usually it is a lubricant with anesthetic, for example, lidocaine). Reading the Internet forums and the feedback about anal sex lubricants, one can often see advice about what can be used to replace a lubricant (for example, saliva as a lubricant during anal sex, olive oil or a hand cream) or advice how to make an anal lubricant at home. There is hardly any sense in these recommendations. It is not possible to make a lubricant at home just because anal lubricants are designed to relieve painful sensations, they have a warming and anesthetic effect. Clearly, it is better to buy a lubricant in a drug store. There is a great variety of these products. The brands can offer the following products: lubricant Contex Strong for anal sex with regenerative effect, gel lubricant Contex Flash with warming effect, lubricant Durex Play Heat for anal sex with warming effect.
  3. Oral sex. Lubricants for oral sex are made with the components safe for ingestion and they have nice taste and aroma. Usually, it is a water-based gel. You can buy such lubricant in a drug store or a supermarket.

How to choose?

How to choose a lubricant which suits you best:

  • To reach a better effect and comfort, a lubricant should be suitable for its use;
  • Choose gels and lubes by reliable brands;
  • Do not save on a lubricant – lubricant price can not be too low. Price policy is individual in each brand and depends, mostly, on the quality, the type of a product and the company;
  • Choose the products of high-quality which contain permissible amount of colorings, aromas and other chemical ingredients. Products of poor quality can lead to the diseases of the reproductive system;
  • Buy lubricants in drug stores or sex shop.

Guidelines for use

To reach the maximum level of pleasure from using a lubricant, you should be aware of the guidelines for use. There are some rules:

  1. Before use, study the instruction. If necessary, you can find pictures on Internet about how to use lubricants;
  2. To exclude allergic reaction, apply some gel on your and your partner’s skin and wait a bit. If nothing happens, you can use it;
  3. Apply a lube only on the vaginal surface in a small amount and on the penis (or a sex toy);
  4. To prevent the condom slippage, the gel is applied on the condom;
  5. It is better to wash off a lubricant with warm water after sex.