Male G Spot

Almost everyone knows about the G-spot in women. This part of the female body was the subject of studies in the sphere of physiology and sexology. Many couples use this erogenous zone to receive unforgettable pleasure. However, the fact that men also have their G-spot will surprise many people. Find out where the male G-spot is located and bring new sensations to your sex life.

Anatomical and physiological characteristics of male G-spot

The prostate gland is a very powerful erogenous zone in men and its sensitivity explains why men also have the G-spot. On the gland there is a huge number of nerve endings and this contributes to a quick orgasm. The G-spot in guys is a surface of the prostate gland which can be stimulated.

  • The prostate gland consists of the two lobes. It is normally about the size of a chestnut. The prostate surrounds the urethra just below the urinary bladder. It is a very important gland in the male body;
  • The main function of the prostate is the production of a prostatic secret which contributes to the sperm motility after ejaculation;
  • Tactile access to the prostate is only through the rectum. This specific location of the male G-spot is the reason why many men are ashamed to use this erogenous zone during sex as they are afraid to be blamed in homosexuality;
  • Stimulating the G-spot in a man, he will ejaculate without any touches to his penis;
  • If the penis and the prostate are stimulated at the same time, the orgasm will be much more intensive and las longer.

How to find the G-spot in a man

When your partner will be ready to use his G-spot, try to find it first. The psychological readiness of a man for an invasion to such a delicate part as the anus is critically important here. Be tender and slow:

  1. Ask your partner to make himself comfortable but you should have an access to his anus;
  2. If a man agreed, it means that there is a full harmony and trust between you. Do your best to make him relax. Create a romantic atmosphere and make a long foreplay;
  3. You are going to look for the G-spot in a man with your fingers, so long and fake nails are not allowed;
  4. Proper hygiene is a compulsory condition. Rectum lining is an ideal environment for bacteria. Thoroughly wash your hands before you begin to look for the male G-spot;
  5. Start with a tender massage. With the tips of your fingers lightly touch the area between his testes and the anus, gradually touching him more intensively. You can kiss or lick this area. Your man will be delighted and it will help him to completely relax;
  6. A lubricant is a must for finding the male G-spot. It will make the insertion easier.
  7. Make sure that your man is completely relaxed and slowly insert your index finger 4-5 cm into his anus. On the anterior rectal wall, you will feel a small induration. Carefully move your fingers to see the reaction of a man. This induration is the male G-spot;
  8. To have a better understanding where the male G-spot is located, have a look at the photos on the Internet;

Male G-spot massage

Having found this erogenous zone, start its stimulation. Male G-spot massage gives unforgettable pleasant sensations and a very strong orgasm. A correct massage technique will bring amazing pleasure to a man:

  • Ask a man to make himself comfortable and help him to relax. Tender kisses and touches of the penis and the crotch will arouse him and prepare for the massage;
  • Apply some lubricant to the finger and insert it into the anus, slowly moving up to the G-spot;
  • Having found the spot, make round movements. Do not stimulate only one place, move to the sides not to lose the sensitivity of the spot;
  • When a man gets more and more aroused, move your finger faster;
  • You can touch or lick the crotch at the same time. It will enhance the stimulation and pleasant sensations;
  • Grip his penis with another hand and move up and down with the same speed as you massage the G-spot. A man can also stimulate his penis himself choosing the rhythm and intensity.