Pain During Sexual Intercourse in Women

According to statistics, around 50% of women in different periods of life feel vaginal discomfort after the sexual intercourse. Painful sensations in the genital area may be a sign of some serious disorder and if a woman experiences vaginal pain after sex, a consultation at the gynecologist is necessary.

The most common reasons of unpleasant painful sensations after sex are:

  • Injuries and recent surgical interference. If after the intercourse the pain is located in the vaginal orifice, it may be due to a surgical procedure during a childbirth (episiotomy) or postdelivery operations such as suture of laceration of cervix and vagina, and ligaments.
  • Sexually transmitted infections. Local inflammatory processes caused by mycoplasma, candida, ureaplasma, herpetic infection, chlamydia and others, may be responsible for pain after the sexual intercourse. Complaints on the pain in the perineal region may be accompanied by the symptoms specific to sexually transmitted diseases: intense itching and burning of the vagina and vulvar lips, foul-smelling copious purulent discharge.
  • If a woman experiences vaginal pain after sex, it may be caused by improper vaginal lubrication. During a sexual intercourse discomfort sensations may appear. It may be due to menstrual disorders, hormonal imbalance or climacteric.
  • Inflammation and venous hyperemia in the lower pelvis (endometriosis, peritoneal adhesions, vaginitis) are serious disorders and may lead to different complications. One of the symptoms of these disorders is vaginal pain and  discomfort in external sex organs after sex.

Defloration as one of the reasons of pain after sex

Special mention should be made of defloration and virginal membrane integrity as one of the reasons of vaginal pain after sex. Defloration is the process of disruption of the virginal membrane integrity usually during the first sexual intercourse. However in some cases, due to anatomical and physiological characteristics, the membrane is not disrupted but only stretched  across the vagina and its disruption may occur during further sexual intercourses. A woman may feel vaginal pain not only after her first intercourse but later during sex.

Psychological reason of pain after sex

Psychological factor also can not be ignored: due to emotional tension, unpleasant past sexual experience, insufficient sexual arousal, a normal vaginal lubrication in a woman does not occur and this leads to mucous membrane injuries and pain in the vaginal orifice, in the vagina and painful vulvar lips after sex.

The problem of vaginal pain should be solved at the gynecologist. The choice of a treatment depends on the reasons of pain.