Pansexuality or pansexualism

Nowadays it is more difficult for a man to understand numerous new unknown words and terms. Our society is in stark contrast to the life of people a hundred or even fifty years ago. It particularly concerns our attitudes to sex in general and sexual relationships between individuals in particular. Today no one is astonished by the fact that a person prefers building his personal and sexual relations with another person of the same sex. Bisexuality, attraction towards both males and females, is also a wide-spread phenomenon. However, the word “pansexuality” is not yet clear to many people. This notion appeared just recently and it is different from all the other terms defining sexual orientation.

What is pansexuality?

An upstart trend in a complicated sphere of sexual orientations appeared at the beginning of the 21st century. Today many people discuss this phenomenon and well-informed youth take a strong interest in it. The word is derived from the Greek «pan» which means «everybody». Pansexuals can have emotional, moral and sexual attraction to any person disregarding gender and gender identity. The question arises then: what is the difference between bisexuality, polysexuality and pansexulaity? While these notions may have some similarities, they have significant differences:

  • Polysexuality means sexual attraction only to the people with certain gender identity. For example, a man can build relations with transgender men but he does not perceive women as sexual partners;
  • Bisexuality means sexual attraction towards both males and females, however attraction can be stronger only to one gender at a time or be interchangeable;
  • Pansexuality means that a person does not care about the gender of the partner or about his or her own gender. Sexual attraction can occur towards absolutely any person – homosexual, heterosexual, intersexual or transgender. The followers of pansexualism are sure that the genitals do not affect sexual attraction and relationships should be built, mainly, considering moral and personal characteristics.

To understand the difference between bisexuals and pansexuals better, let’s study their flags. Knowing the meaning of different colors, we can get an insight into these sexual orientations:

  • The flag of bisexuals contains three colors: purple, violet and dark-blue. They symbolize attraction to the people of the same gender, opposite sex and to both biological genders;
  • The flag of pansexuals also has three colors: pink, blue and golden. Pink symbolizes female sex, blue – male sex and golden means the third sex, namely, genderqueer, androgyny, transgenderism and intersexuality.

Having understood the meaning of the colors, you can easily tell pansexuality from bisexuality. While a bisexual is restricted by two genders, a pansexual goes beyond this limits.

New ideology or veiled promiscuity?

As everything new and unusual, pansexuality has its supporters and vigorous opponents. Many people think that this new word is nothing but uncontrollable lust and sexual promiscuity. However, the supporters of pansexuality are not tired to underline that this sexual orientation is first of all associated with the personality and spiritual compatibility between the two persons. From this point of view, sexual relations are not ignored but they are admitted possible disregarding sex and gender identity.

Pansexuality or pansexualism

Some people believe that pansexuality or pansexualism are the same things. It is wrong.

The notion of pansexualism is used in psychology as one of the theories of classical psychoanalysis, the founder of which is Sigmund Freud. According to this theory, sexual attraction is the major impetus for any human activity. The supporters of the theory think that human desires and his or her interest to something are based on sexual attraction.

Many researchers believe that in modern society pansexualism plays an important role, hinting at decreased interest to science, art and spiritual self-development.

Supporters of pansexuality among celebrities

Pansexuality in everyday life may not be so evident and some people are not even able to articulate their sexual preferences. However, among celebrities, whose life is open and public, it is easy to distinguish the supporters of pansexualism.

The star of the popular movie “Divergent” Shailene Woodley openly declares about her pansexuality. The actress says that she has the feelings to the personality but not to the gender. Many people could not understand the world view of Shailene and there was a gossip that she just tried to hide her attraction towards women as in show business the attitude to non-heterosexual people is controversial.

An obvious example is Thomas Gable, a lead singer in the band “Against me!”. Being married, Tom said that his sense of self did not correspond to his biological gender. After the operation and hormonal therapy, he became a woman and took a new name. However, the couple have not divorced and they still live with each other.