Pheromone Perfume for Men and Women

Since the development of a thriving civilized society, men and women used different aromas to care about their bodies. At the very beginning, those were just herbal and flower water to wash body and hair, but due to the advancement of science people learned to make unique compositions from multiple elements and later those compositions were given a name “perfume”. Eau de toilette, perfume, scented shower gels and body lotions are an essential part of a person today to create an individual style and image. However, perfume can be used not only to demonstrate to the others your good taste. Popularity and amazing effect of the pheromone perfume can be explained by the use of special substances in the perfume industry.

It is a well-known fact that perfume containing pheromones makes a person more attractive to the opposite sex.  Many body care and perfume brands launched marketing campaigns to facilitate the distribution of the product. However, some potential consumers still doubt whether pheromone perfume is a reality or just a myth and is it worth paying for this.

Physiological influence of pheromones on the body

pheromone perfume

To gain an insight into the mechanism of influence of this amazing product, it is necessary to learn what are pheromones in perfume. Pheromones are substances produced by the excretory glands in some animals and plants. There are such glands in a human which also produce pheromones. They are localized in the underarms and genital area and most often released with perspiration. In the process of evolution, smells played a very important role in modeling behavior and communication between the representatives of one species. There is scientific evidence that pheromones, having an impact through the smell sensors, influence the brain cortex and send a signal about the sexual maturity and attractiveness of a man or a woman. This is the key characteristic in the mechanism of  action of pheromone perfume. These specific substances may be divided into two groups:

  • Releasers: recalls the need in the opposite sex to act.
  • Primers: they form a certain model of behavior in a representative of the same species.


Composition of pheromone perfume is the key to the effective use of this product. Pheromones in the perfume may be artificial and natural of plant or animal origin. There are also scentless pheromones or with aroma composition of a famous brand. We should take into account that the products containing human pheromones are prohibited almost in all countries. The use of natural human pheromones in perfume may cause psychological and sexual disorders.

The action of the pheromone perfume is determined by their components:

  • Sex pheromones of animal origin suddenly increase passion in the opposite sex. To reach a desired effect, their concentration in the perfume should not be high;
  • Pheromones of plant origin are more preferable for making perfume. Among such pheromones are musc, amber, ylang-ylang, patchouli, myrrh, and ginger. These components are responsible for the effective action of the pheromone perfume on men as they have been used for thousands of time;
  • Carefully check the composition of the perfume, it should not contain alcohol as alcohol can destruct the structure of pheromones.

The price of the pheromone perfume depends on the quality and natural origin of the elements of a perfume composition. A cheap product is unlikely to give an expected effect.

Female pheromone perfume

Female pheromone perfume is often produced with the scents of famous brands as women want not only to attract men but to create their own unique image. In the composition are predominantly pheromones of plant origin with sweet smell such as vanilla, sandal and amber. Fresh citrus fragrances are also widely used. The truth about pheromone perfume to attract a man is that you should properly use the product of a high quality. Clearly, pheromones are beneficial for the opposite sex but this is not a one hundred percent guaranty of success.

Male pheromone perfume

Male pheromone perfume helps a man to be confident in his attractiveness and to highlight his passionate nature.

Among the variety of products every man will find perfume to his taste. Some men doubt, whether pheromone perfume really works. There is scientific evidence that smell sensitivity in women is much higher and smell of a man hold one of the places in the list of attractiveness criteria.  The use of androstenol  in the  creation of aroma composition explains how male pheromone perfume works. Androstenol is produced in the boar and other animals testes. Also in the composition of male pheromone perfume may be the extracts of ivy, nutmeg and cedarwood.

How to use pheromone perfume properly?

To reach the expectorated effect, you should know how properly use pheromone perfume. Remember these simple rules not to become disillusioned:

  • Pheromone perfume is used after shower. Clean skin better reveals the aroma;
  • Apply perfume on the open areas of your body because clothes prevent spreading of the pheromones. Apply pheromone perfume on the wrists, lobe of the ear, neck, and decolette;
  • It is better not to use scented body lotions and deodorants as their strong smell may dominate the smell of pheromones;
  • To reach a desired effect, a couple of perfume drops are enough. Never pour perfume in great amount, it will only scare your partner away.