Can pre-ejaculate cause pregnancy?

The question whether a woman can get pregnant with male pre-cum worries many couples today, especially if they use a calendar method of contraception or hormonal methods of birth control. In these cases, partners avoid using barrier contraception, namely the condoms.

Pre-ejaculate (preseminal male fluid) is a specific biological colorless viscous fluid produced by the Cowper’s glands. It is emitted from the urethra of the penis during sexual arousal shortly before the orgasm. This fluid neutralizes acid environment of the vagina and creates the optimal conditions for the sperm to survive. The amount of pre-ejaculate is very individual and depends on the arousal degree. Pre-ejaculate may contain sperm in a small amount and there is risk of getting pregnant.
The sperm enters the pre-ejaculate on a secondary basis, namely through the urethra. The risk of getting pregnant increases if there have already been several intercourses. The fluid containing the sperm can be left on the penis or near the vagina. Another type of a male fluid is smegma, it is a white thick foul-smelling substance. Smegma is a combination of shed skin cells, skin oils, and moisture. It does not contain any sperm and a woman can not get pregnant with it.

Likelihood of pregnancy with pre-ejaculate

Whether a woman can get pregnant with pre-cum depends on a woman’s body and on the number of unprotected sexual intercourses partners had at a time. If a woman has an irregular period, it is difficult to calculate her fertility period. A short break between the intercourses leads to accumulation of active sperm which increases the risk of pregnancy for 30%. Likelihood of pregnancy with pre-cum is much higher than when you use a condom. Consequently, interrupted intercourse provides 70-75% of protection and the condoms 98-99%.

There is no an absolute answer to the question whether a woman can get pregnant with a pre-cum. The presence of active sperm in pre-ejaculate depends on a male’s health. If a man is healthy and does not have any bad habits, the risk of pregnancy increases.

Influence of interrupted intercourse on the partners

Pulling-out as a method of contraception has its effect on the partners:

  • Low efficient birth-control;
  • Poor quality of a sexual life.

Impact on a man:

  1. Premature ejaculation which interrupts the intercourse;
  2. Stress and psychological disorders;
  3. Depression;
  4. Poor quality of a sexual life due to potency disorders.

Impact on a woman:

  • Dissatisfaction, inability to relax (worries about her partner’s premature ejaculation);
  • Hormonal imbalance;
  • Psychological problems.

When can a woman get pregnant with pre-cum?

It is not possible to visually identify whether there is sperm in pre-ejaculate, so the probability of entering sperm into the vagina is quite high, especially if a partner does not observe proper hygiene after a previous intercourse. The lifespan of sperm is 3-5 days, so they are able to enter the vagina for several days. Sperm can also enter the vagina when using a towel or linen.

Today, various Internet forums are peppered with questions whether it is possible to get pregnant with pre-ejaculate. Taking into account all the characteristics of pre-ejaculate, observance of personal hygiene and individual characteristics of the body, we can not exclude the possibility of fertilization.

Besides, interrupted intercourse may be used as a birth control method but it does not protect from sexually transmitted diseases.

There is a number of reasons why pregnancy may not occur:

  1. Irregular sexual life;
  2. Individual characteristics of a menstrual cycle;
  3. A small amount of active sperm in a male’s pre-ejaculate.

If you are not planning to have children and are worried about contraception, it is better to use a standard birth control method – condoms. This method of contraception also protects against sexually transmitted diseases. Interrupted sexual intercourse has a negative effect on physical and psychological health. Biologically active substances in pre-ejaculate have a favorable impact on a woman’s body.