How to prolong sexual intercourse?

All men want to give their women as much pleasure in sex as possible. Many things are important to reach success in bed: emotional closeness, various positions and sexual techniques, openness and desire for experimenting. Intercourse duration also plays an important role. Many women can not reach an orgasm just because they are not relaxed enough. That is why a question how to make sex last longer is still relevant today.

Ways to make an intercourse last longer

As a short sexual intercourse is a common problem, for many years people have been searching effective ways to solve it. A man can choose the most suitable way to make sex last longer and try out in practice. All the methods to prolong a sexual intercourse can be divided into the following groups:

  • Health-improving measures and change of the style of life;
  • Special techniques shortly before a sexual intercourse;
  • Special exercises for prolonging an intercourse;
  • Additional means (sprays, tablets, lubricants).

Sometimes a combination of these measures is required to avoid premature ejaculation in men.

Tips on how to make sex last longer

Our way of life has a great impact on all the functions of the body. To be always at your best in a sexual sphere, just follow these simple recommendations:

  1. A good quality sleep: to lead an active life, sexual among other things, a man should sleep well. Chronic fatigue due to the lack of sleep can lead to a too quick orgasm and problems with erection;
  2. Healthy diet: to maintain the sexual vigour the body needs essential nutrients and trace elements. It is important to consume an adequate amount of protein;
  3. Mental and emotional state: you can have a really good sex only if you are fully involved in the process. Learn to control your thoughts and emotions, leave all the negative things behind your bedroom;
  4. Bad habits: drink alcohol in moderation. Smoking is one of the enemies of a good sex. Smoking has a negative effect on the vascular system provoking problems with erection and causing shortness of breath;
  5. Selfishness: men need far less time to reach an orgasm. It is all different with women. Do not think only about yourself and try to satisfy your partner. Being willing to do that, you will manage to make sex last longer;
  6. Prevention of diseases: be careful with your health. If you have any complaints, visit a medical specialist.

Sexual techniques to last long

One of the main effective ways for a man to prolong an intercourse is special techniques. Try them in practice and you will see that you are able to last long bed. There are many such techniques and we will share with you the most popular:

  • Squeeze technique: do it right during sex. But first train this method before using it. Firmly squeeze the shaft of the penis between the thumb and forefinger. The squeeze should be firm and fixed as sliding movements will only provoke ejaculation. Depending on the position, either you or your partner can do squeezing. Before using this method, try to squeeze the penis during petting;
  • Start-stop method to delay ejaculation. The effect can be reached after regular practice. Stimulate the penis with your hand and feeling that you are going to ejaculate, stop for a while. The optimal number of such start-stop actions is 15. For a more advanced level, use a lubricant which enhances pleasant sensations. You will notice the result in 2-4 weeks;
  • Taoist’s technique for the control of your sexual energy. It is based on friction alternation. Have three not deep frictions and then one deep. Try to make it 81 times. When you feel that you are ready to ejaculate, remove your penis from the vagina and make five not deep and then one deep friction. The final step is to make nine not deep and one deep friction.

The advantage of these methods is their long-lasting effect. Once learned, you will use one of these methods for a long time. The disadvantage is that you need to have regular exercises and that you will not be able to use the methods spontaneously.


Exercises are an effective way to make sex last longer. The most effective are Kegel exercises for men. They help to feel and control the muscles of the genitals much better and improve pelvic blood supply. On the Internet and in special literature Kegel exercises of different levels of difficulty are described. The advantage of this method is its simplicity but you need to train regularly and for a long time.

Aids and devices to make sex last longer

Today sex shops and drug stores can offer a lot of products to prolong an intercourse:

  1. The simplest thing is a condom to prolong an intercourse. The condoms have a dense structure decreasing the intensity of sensations and making sex last longer;
  2. Lubricants for prolonging sex are also effective. They contain anesthetic which helps to make sex last longer. Their main disadvantage is a short-term effect and the need to use it several times during one intercourse;
  3. Spray for prolonging sex is applied shortly before sex. Duration of the effect depends on the quality of the product. Apply a small amount on the penis skin and wait for 10 minutes to check an allergic reaction;
  4. Tablets for prolonging a sexual intercourse. The tablets contain the substances prolonging erection and delaying ejaculation. The tablets are effective but they have a number of disadvantages. Medications for prolonging sex are expensive and not always available in our country. Besides, the market is filled with the products of bad quality which can be dangerous for the health. Choose the medications for prolonging sex with an andrologist or a sexual health specialist.