Is interrupted sexual intercourse safe?

Studies do not give an absolute answer, whether it is safe to have sex without a condom. Of course, there is such a method of contraception as interrupted sexual intercourse but it is not efficient.

The point is that a man should remove his penis from the vagina when he feels he is about to ejaculate. As the sperm did not enter the vagina, pregnancy is not possible. This is the most simple method of contraception when the partners do not have anything else or a woman is intolerable to all the other contraceptives.

However, in fact, there is a great risk to get pregnant without a condom even if you followed all the rules. The matter is sperm cells are present not only in the sperm. They are present in an abundant amount in pre-ejaculate and man can not control the discharge of it. And not every man is able to remove his penis from the vagina at the right time. We also should not forget about premature ejaculation.

Disadvantages of interrupted sexual intercourse

  • First of all, you should understand that there is no safe sex without condoms. It is not only about pregnancy but about the risk of transmitting STD.
  • If used too often, this method may have negative consequences for male’s nervous system, his sex activity is reduced and premature ejaculation occurs more often.
  • A great risk of prostate gland diseases.
  • As not everyone can have sex without a condom correctly, protection against pregnancy is only 27%.
  • As a woman is not satisfied, pelvic congestion can develop leading to different disorders.
  • Both of the partners can develop psychological and emotional problems, they do not have any desire for sex.

In some situations it is allowed to have sex without a condom, for example, during certain periods of a woman’s menstruation, still it is better to avoid this method of contraception and choose something more reliable.

What to do after unprotected sex?

If you failed your attempt to protect yourself with the help of a Coitus interruptus, take emergency contraception measures.

A woman can take special oral pills within 3 days after unprotected sex. We recommend having such pills to be ready for unforeseen situations.

To avoid sexually transmitted diseases, a woman should wash the genitals with soap and have douching. A man should urinate right after ejaculation and wash his genitals. Both partners should visit a venereologist as soon as possible.