What are the dangers of sex in the water?

A man and a woman in love may be overwhelmed with passion anywhere and anytime. Spending holidays in hot countries, many people dream to have unusual and exotic sex. Sex in the water enhances sexual arousal and makes the feelings more intensive; clean blue water and a beautiful coastline create a romantic atmosphere. The question is having sex in the water safe worries many people who want to bring something new to their sexual life, surprise a partner and make their rest unforgettable. There is no absolute prohibition against sex in the water but to make it a really pleasant experience, be aware of some peculiarities.

sex in water

The good news is that you can have sex in the water without spending your money on a package tour to far away countries. Experiment with sex in the water in your own bathroom, creating a romantic atmosphere and drinking your favorite wine. Sex in a water-pool and in the river in summer can also be a positive experience. However, be aware that sex in the water poses some risks, so take measures to secure yourself and your partner:

  • The first what you should care about is protection against sexually transmitted diseases. It is quite hard to use a condom in the water, it tends to tear and slip off and you face the same risk of infections as during usual sex. So, experiment with sex in the water only with a reliable partner;
  • Many women are concerned with the question if they can get pregnant after sex in the water. If an intercourse finished with the orgasm and the sperm entered the vagina, the chances to get pregnant are the same as after usual sex. Some women fear to get pregnant being in the water with a sperm. This is a myth because the chances for the sperm to survive in water are extremely low. So unintended pregnancy will not occur if a man ejaculated into the water near you. Before having sex in the water, think about alternative birth control methods as we doubt you will be able to use a condom;
  • Many people often wrongly think that they do not need any lubrication for sex in the water. It is not so. Water (fresh or salt) washes off the lubrication which is produced by the glands in the vagina. Due to it both partners can have discomfort during sex, intensive friction injures the skin of the penis and vaginal mucous. Ensure that you have special lubricants, preferably water-based, not to spoil your experience;
  • A huge amount of bacteria enter the urethra or vagina and trigger inflammation. This is why you should not have sex in standing water. Lakes are a favorable environment for the growth of many bacteria. It does not mean, however, that sex in the river is absolutely safe. You may become infected there as well. Before you resign yourself to the power of passion, weigh up the pros and the cons and make sure that the water basin is in proper condition;
  • Having sex in a water-pool, do not forget that there is a high concentration of chloride in the water. Chloride has an adverse effect on a condom and can cause itching and burning. We strongly advise you against having sex in a public pool. If you do not care about a social factor, think about various diseases of the urogenital system which other people in the pool may have;
  • If you decided to try sex in the water right at your home, in a bathroom, avoid having bath foam, shower gel or shampoo on your genitals. Chemical components may cause skin irritation;
  • Avoid having sex in the shallow water. The sand can get on your genitals and it will spoil all the experience from sex in the water;
  • The water itself poses also some dangers. Making love in the sea or ocean, make sure that there is not storm near and no strong current in the river. Spikes on the coastline may be the reason of injuries. Be careful with wet surfaces in a bathroom or a pool as there is a risk to slip and fell over.
  • How to have sex in the water

    We can not give a negative answer to the question if you can have sex in the water. Think about all the risks and possible negative consequences.

    If you are determined to try new sexual pleasure, learn how to have sex in the water to satisfy yourself and your partner. The following sex positions are the best for sex in the water:

    1. A man stands with his legs shoulder-width apart and a woman embraces his shoulders and wraps her legs around his hips. In this position, both partners can control the rhythm;
    2. A  man stands as in the previous position and a woman wraps one leg around his hip and rests another leg on the bottom. A woman may embrace a partner or lean back.
    3. A very convenient position in a pool is when a woman is against the board and a man enters her from behind.

    Oral sex is a perfect alternative or addition to sex in the water. The only disadvantage is salty sea water or chloride in a water-pool.