Squirt — Female Ejaculation

These days, such a delicate topic as female squirting orgasm is gaining great interest among Internet users. What is squirt?

Squirting (female ejaculation) is a release of colorless fluid from the female urethra before or during an orgasm. Squirt is thought to be a special form of a female orgasm and it differs from traditional types of orgasm in several ways:

  • Visual manifestation. Clitoral and vaginal orgasms do not have any visual characteristics but squirt is a powerful ejection of a fluid;
  • Sensitivity and sensations. Squirting provides extremely strong orgasmic sensations spreading all over the body and making it very sensitive to the touch;
  • Duration. Squirt is the longest orgasm. It lasts for 1-3.5 minutes while vaginal orgasms last for 30 seconds, on average and clitoral 1-5 seconds.
  • State of the body and emotional release. As it lasts quite long, squirt helps a woman to relax completely, relieve her emotional tension and stress.

Physiological aspect

Why does it happen? From the physiological point of view, this phenomenon of a female body is explained by the presence of Skene glands (urethral glands) which are located around the lower part  of the urethra on the anterior uterine wall.

These glands open into the urethra and partly branch off the urinary tract. During an orgasm, a fluid is discharged from the urethra. The fluid does not contain any urea, it is colorless, odorless and a bit more viscous than urine.

Why not all women can experience a squirting orgasm?

Anatomically, any woman can experience squirt but in reality only few women are able to have a squirting orgasm. There are several reasons why a woman is not able to experience this orgasm:

  1. Incompatibility of the partners or the lack of experience. To make a woman experience a squirting orgasm, a man should have an individual approach, know special sexual techniques and be aware of anatomical and physiological basics. Not every man can boast of his ability to make a woman have a squirting orgasm. Partners should practice first, choose the most suitable sex positions when the G-spot and the clitoris will be stimulated. Stimulation of these zones can lead to a squirting orgasm;
  2. Lack of trust between the partners and psychological barriers. This happens when a girl can not trust her partner, when she is too embarrassed and can not freely express her feelings and emotions, when she restrains herself. In this case, even if a man knows how to make a girl squirt, he will fail because of her worries;
  3. Fear of urinating. Shortly before squirting, a fluid is accumulated in the Skene glands and a woman has natural sensations in her bladder reminding of the need to pee. A girl tries to suppress this need and squirt does not occur.

How to learn to squirt?

Many girls want to know how can they learn to squirt because a squirting orgasm gives an enormous pleasure. As we already mentioned, a squirting orgasm is caused by the stimulation of the clitoris and the G-spot – the most sensitive erogenous zones. A partner should rhythmically stimulate anterior vaginal wall with two fingers. He can do it in circular or gentle «stroking» motions. The psychological aspect is also very important: partners should absolutely trust each other and have a mutual understanding.

Squirt and pregnancy

A pregnant woman is more likely to experience a squirting orgasm because:

  • the level of female sex hormones is increased during pregnancy;
  • tone and elasticity of pelvic muscles are enhanced.

If a girl knows how to squirt or she has a natural ability to do it, she should tell her partner about it to avoid misunderstandings as very few men faced a female squirting orgasm in their life.