Talking during sex

It is not a secret that there are thousands of ways to make love. The most important thing in sex is a mutual willingness of the partners, so you can do whatever you and your partner want and are enthusiastic about. Talking during sex is a topical issue and it provokes ambiguous attitude. It all depends on the preferences of each person. Just a few spontaneous words during sex can ignite passion or discourage having sex.

Deathly silence is not the best choice

Each person intuitively understands that talks about politics or neighbors during sex is almost a 100% guaranty that the mood for sex will be ruined. However, it is a bit stupid to make love in a complete silence because of fear to distract a person or spoil his or her mood. Talking during sex is not a taboo, it is important what you say during sex and how you do it.

What topics should a woman avoid

It is a well-known fact that women are more likely to talking during sex. Men are not that talkative. That is why women are often to be blamed for a failed sex because of inappropriate talks. Learn the tastes and preferences of a man to know what you can talk about with a man during sex. We recommend learning taboo topics by heart because if you touch one of them you will completely ruin the mood of your partner:

  • At the top of the list of taboo topics are talks and discussions of your exes. It does not matter whether you compliment or criticize. Even mentioning the name of your ex can destroy the passion and provoke aggression and reproaches;
  • Never remind him of his failures whether at work or in your relations, minor or serious. A man should feel like a winner in bed;
  • Do not joke about his penis or sexual skills. Having heard something of this kind (even if you had no intention to insult him), men feel deeply hurt and later develop a huge number of complexes;
  • One more thing you should never tell a guy during sex are your plans. He is doing his best to satisfy you and you are thinking of something else;
  • And the last but not least is talking about feelings and getting into an argument. This is a typical women’s mistake. To ask him in a moment of tenderness whether he loves you is one thing but finding out what he loves you for, how big is his love, whether it is all serious between you is another thing.

What to talk about during sex and how

If your relations are based on trust and mutual understanding, this time or another you will have your own style of intimate talking. Forget about your past fears and doubts and your own feelings will tell you what words to say during sex. A certain topic can be absolutely good for sex enhancing a desire and improving relations. Among such topics are:

  1. Expression of your feelings and emotions: this is what you need to tell your man during sex regularly. He must know that you feel good being with him, that you enjoy the process just as he does. How will you let him know about this is up to you. You may whisper it or cry it out loud so that not only your man but all the neighbors heard that you are feeling so good now;
  2. Women just need sweet words during sex. Men often pay all their attention to the physical aspect of sex and women can regard it as an emotional detachment and too sensible women can imagine another woman and the end of the relations. Men should not forget to say sweet words and kiss a woman tenderly to make her understand that she is not only the object of sexual desire but a woman he is truly in love with. Of course, you should not baby-talk all the time but a couple of sweet words is absolutely fine;
  3. Praise and compliments are those things that a woman can say to her man during sex. She can praise anything – his amazing sexual abilities, tender hands, passionate kisses, his appearance, just anything. But remember the golden rule – the praise and compliments must be sincere and show your real attitude to your man. Hardly anyone will be impressed by the phrase “Honey, you are the best” said with a poker face. Your behavior and body language should prove your words;
  4. If a man does not know what to say during sex and whether it is appropriate, a win-win option is to say about a woman’s sexuality. Compliments about her body are what a man needs to tell a girl during sex. Such words make a girl more confident and relaxed;
  5. It is important to learn to be tactful and direct a partner, showing him or her what to do. Clearly, rude abrupt words said with irritation are no good at all. It is better to say something like “Sweety, harder” or “baby, do not hurry”. Your partner should not think that you criticize him or her. Your ability to be tactful speaking about your desires is a guaranty of a good sex life.

Talking dirty during sex

Dirty talk and swear words during sex is a separate issue. Many people get turned on by rude words said by the partner during sex. Women are absolutely excited by the image of a brutal macho who shows his desires rudely, without any unnecessary sentiments. Men also like to reveal a new side of their women. If a shy girl uses swear words in bed and rudely demands to satisfy her, it turns a man on.

It is important to make sure that your partner is comfortable with such behavior and words.

Before using rude or swear words, try to find out the attitude of your partner to it. If there are no prejudices, do not restrain yourself during sex. But be aware that all in good measure, do not let your words hurt your partner.