What is tantric sex?

What is tantra?

It is a system the main aim of which is self-development. In Sanskrit, this word means the art of weaving. So we can say that Tantra is a tradition in which material and spiritual, physical and mental are interwoven. The country of origin is India.

Tantra has a scientific and religious background. It is closely connected with yoga (originally it was a single practice), magic and sex, a worship of godhead of all living beings. Unlike the western world, where sexual relations do not have any religious or mystical connections, sexuality in Tantra is sacred. Here sex occurs between a female godhead (Shakti) and a male godhead (Shiva).

The key moment in Tantra is that at the given moment a human being is a perfection as a God or a Goddess.

This system is a great help for those who are in search of themselves, it helps to realize our best traits. Tantra is a tradition where sexual relationships of a man and a woman serve for reaching the ideal unity and a sexual partner in these relationships is a personification of a god. In tantric tradition, a woman has more divine traits and more powerful sexual energy than a man.

Tantra seeks to reveal the divine energy which is hidden in every human being. According to Tantra sex serves three functions:

  • Reproduction;
  • Physical pleasure;
  • The highest spiritual pleasure.

What is tantric sex?

Tantric sex is a small but secret part of Tantra. Unlike usual sex, it has its unique characteristics:

  1. This is a complete merging of two people, sexual unity;
  2. It has nothing to do with sex industry;
  3. It allows seeing a divine nature of your partner;
  4. It lasts, at least, 4 hours and can continue for several days with short breaks;
  5. It is possible to have tantric sex only with a permanent partner.

How to prepare for tantric sex?

The technique of tantric sex is complicated and varied, so you need to be prepared:

  • It requires the agreement of both partners. This is absolutely necessary for mental and physiological readiness. It is especially true for women. Having tantric sex, a woman should be completely confident in herself. In modern world, she gains confidence visiting beauty parlors and fitness centers;
  • Nothing should disturb you during tantric sex. Switch off your phones, make sure there are not pets or family members because you will need a full privacy;
  • You can put some aroma candles or flowers in your bedroom or book a hotel room;
  • If you have tantric sex for the first time, let it be the weekends or holiday because it lasts 4-6 hours;
  • Try to avoid sex and masturbation for a week before;
  • The intensity and speed of frictions are on the last place in tantric sex.

How to have tantric sex?

One of the main conditions for tantric sex is a permanent partner whom you love and trust.

From the very first touches of your lover and up to the end, he is your god or goddess. You should touch your partner as though you touch the God, you should see in your partner only the most beautiful things (even in his or her negative traits). Turn on relaxing sounds such as the sound of rain or a flowing river. Do not turn on the music as it will distract you. It is desirable that the partners breathe in unison and look into each other eyes. Taking into account that tantric sex is a part of yoga, there are several positions which will help two people to merge.

Positions for tantric sex

There is a great variety of positions for tantric sex and they can be both very simple and very complicated. In India, there is no and has never been a list of such positions. We know some positions which will help to reach an expected result quickly and safely.

This is the main position which allows reaching harmony between a man and a woman:

  1. Sit down with your legs crossed next to each other.
  2. Raise your right leg and sit on a man’s hips wrapping your legs around his torso.
  3. A man places his hands on a woman’s back with his right arm higher than the left arm.
  4. A woman wraps her arms around his neck in the same way (one arm higher).

In this position, they reach the orgasm and this is a culmination in tantric sex. This is a deep penetration position involving very close physical and eye contact. It is not recommended to practice this position during usual sex.

Kali position is typical for tantric sex:

  • A man is lying on his back and a woman is standing over him.
  • A woman touches the body of her lover from top down and stops where his legs are joined together.
  • A woman is squatting until she feels the penis penetrates her.
  • She squeezes the penis with her vaginal muscles and moves forward and backwards.

In this position, the partners almost do not move. The trick is that a woman constantly squeezes the penis until a man ejaculates. Specialists recommend trying any position which is convenient for you and does not cause any discomfort. The key is not to forget about the main aim of tantric sex.

Is it possible to have tantric sex at a distance?

Originally, tantric sex implied two people being next to each other. Today, it is allowed to have tantric sex at a distance if both partners agree and they know what is going to happen and want to receive the highest pleasure.